Monday, 30 October 2017

Kalavandanam leaves Everyone Enchanted in The Heritage School

There was jubilation in the premises of The Heritage School when the 64th Annual Day was celebrated on October 28, 2017. Chief Guest on this occasion was Mrs. Rita Chhetri, wife of martyr Shiv Shankar Chhetri. Shiv Shankar Chhetri was martyred fighting on Indo-Pak border. Guest of honour were Mr. C B Chhetri and Mrs. Meena Chhetri, parents of the martyr Shiv Shankar Chhetri. School Head Boy and Head Girl welcomed the Chief Guest by presenting her a bunch of flowers.

Acknowledged the Toppers

The best ICSE School in Dehradun began its  programme with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest Mrs. Rita Chhetri, School President Mr. Avadesh Chaudhary, Director Siddhartha Chaudhary and Principal Mrs. B. Gill. The Principal introduced the Chief Guest and she threw light on the importance of Indian Army and the selfless service rendered by the Army. She presented the Annual Report on last year’s activities wherein Tathasthu Sharma was the topper  in class X board exam who scored 96% marks while ISC topper Sparsh Ahuja scored 96% marks. In the category of classes III to V Mansi Bansal got maximum marks. She secured 98% marks. In the category of classes VI to VIII  Anshuman Ghildiyal topped by scoring 98% marks. Both of them were given cash prize and trophy for their achievements. Speaking on the occasion Chief Guest Mrs. Rita Chhetri thanked the school for honoring her family. School President Mr. Avadesh Chaudhary said on the occasion that the most important pillar in the field of education is teacher. He added that the second most important pillar of society is our Army. He opined that we all are safe because of our Army. He payed tributes to all the martyrs on this occasion.

Diverse Cultures Depicted through Dance

Programme began with the welcome song Swagatam Swagatam. This was followed by mesmerizing Bihu dance, Bum Bum Bhole, Gangnum style, Goa song and Nepali dance. The Indian rebellion of 1857 was depicted in Rang de Basanti. This was followed by Western dance and Japanese dance. The programme reached its climax with the presentation of Finale. The Finale showed how the holy Ganga was brought on Earth. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by School Captain Bhanu Raina followed by School song and the National Anthem.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Spelling Bee Competition

It is important for children to develop strong vocabulary skills in order to express themselves clearly and meaningfully both in written and spoken formats.  It is not only imperative for education, language arts, and reading, but it is also to present themselves in public as an educated individual.   Developing a wide set of vocabulary and vocabulary skills begins early in a child’s life and continues through their education at school. It is important to help a child to expand their vocabulary by providing   meaningful activities and competitions at school for vocabulary development.

The Heritage School recently organized a “Spelling Bee” competition to build the vocabulary skills of their students. The competition was all about knowing how well students are versed with the spellings. The competition comprised of two categories. Class II and Class III were first category and Class IV and Class V were second category. There was a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm among the students in such a participative activity. The winners were given prizes by the judges to boost their morale and enthusiasm. The main aim of the top School in Dehradun to organize such an activity was to help the students practice and learn the spelling of the word and be able to memorize the word and apply in the meaningful situations.

The ICSE School in Dehradun ponders such engaging activities for it believes that such activities
 Improves the vocabulary knowledge which is something that can ever be fully mastered; it is something that expands and deepens over the course of a lifetime. To develop vocabulary intentionally, students should be explicitly taught both specific words and word-learning strategies. Without a sufficient understanding of words students cannot understand others or express their own ideas. Vocabulary is important across the curriculum from language, arts and social studies to mathematics and science. To deepen students' knowledge of word meanings, specific word instruction should be robust.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Cricket Tournament at Heritage

The Heritage School; one of the Top Schools in Dehradun has always been focusing on the overall development of a child by focusing in academics and Vis-à-vis laying a strong emphasis on extra-co-curricular activities. Their love for sports was yet again seen in Rohitash Singh Memorial Inter School Boys Super 8’s Cricket Tournament -2017 which was held on the 25th September and 14th October.

The First Segment

The first segment of the match was played on 25th September wherein Principal Mrs. B Gill introduced Air Commander Amul Kapoor who boasted the morale of the students by focusing on that sports actually builds a character of a student. School President Mr. Avadhesh Chaudhary and Director Mr. Siddhartha Chaudhary also graced their presence on this event. The event started with the match between “The Heritage School and “The Indian Cambridge School”wherein though the toss was won by “The Indian Cambridge School” but the match was won by The Heritagians by 32 runs.

The Final Segment

The Final Match of the Tournament which started on September 25, 2017, was played on October 14, 2017 between The Aryan School and The Asian School. 29 schools participated in all which was played in the premises of The Heritage School.  The Chief Guest for this occasion was Brig R.S. Rawat (Retd), VSM who was accompanied by his wife Mrs.Rawat were welcomed by the Captain and Vice Captain of The Heritage School. Principal Mrs. B. Gill introduced the Chief Guest by highlighting his achievements. Chief Guest Brig. R. S. Rawat, School President Mr.Avadhesh Chaudhary, Director Mr. Siddhartha Chaudhary and Principal Mrs. B. Gill met the players of both teams and congratulated them.

This time the Asian School won the toss and opted to bat. Playing the first innings, The Asian School scored 32 runs at the loss of 5 wickets, while The Aryan School scored   only 27 runs at the loss of 4 wickets. In the second innings The Asian School scored 29 runs without losing any wicket. A target of 35 runs was set before.

Asian School Emerge as Winners

The Aryan School” managed to score only 22 runs at the loss of 1 wicket. The Asian School won the tournament by 12 runs. Prizes were distributed among the winners, coaches  and Umpires  by Mrs. Rawat.

Sports Participation And Academic Success

Sports and other athletic activities have for long been a fundamental part of the curriculum of excellent schools. Sadly many of us ar...