Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Top 9 Easy Exam Tips

The exams are around the clock. It's a time when students get more serious and focused towards studies. Everyone desires to top in the exams, but very few make it. If each and every child is making equal efforts, how is it possible that only a few top the exam? Perhaps they know easy exam tips that are helping them out. On that point, there are easy tips that can make you score good grades.

The Heritage School- best ICSE School in Dehradun believes that there are numerous ways to score well in exams, but all you need is hard work and a will to execute it. We consider that every child is capable of reaching the heights of success, all they need is a right way. Below are the top 6 easy exam tips that are best to crack the exams with better scores –

1.      Find About The Exam – Know which subject exam it is. It is important to know how much you know about the subject and how much time you need to focus on it.

2.     Ask For Help – if you are not able to understand anything ask for help. Don’t be shy to approach your teachers, friends or family. Clear your doubts as much you can for it will help you better in understanding the subjects.

3.      Sort Out Your Subject Material – Before you start to prepare for your exams sort out your notes and handouts. Put all the study material in order to avoid any inconvenience by the time you start studying. It will help you know, you have every single study note with you.

4.    Review Past Exam Papers – It is one of the important tips for exams. After studying your study material review previous exam papers. This will help you understand the structure and format of exam papers.

5.    Don’t Cram – Just cramming the material will not help you out. You will either forget the subject or stress out. Give yourself time to study properly and learn everything. Read over your notes and test yourself.

6.    Keep Yourself Cool – Children get stressed during exams. In this stress, they often make hurry in preparing for exams. But you need to keep yourself cool. Do not panic with exam pressure it leads to a great mess. You may avoid an important topic in a hurry.

7.     Eat Healthy :- It is very much important to eat right and healthy. Avoid junk foods and prefer eating green vegetables.

8.      Adequate Sleep:- It is important for students to have a good sleep as this will refresh their minds and increase their concentration power. Plan your study schedule in a way that does not hamper your sleep.

9.    Exercise or Play Sports:- Indulging in sports or exercising is a great stress buster for exams, it not only refreshes your mind but also makes you feel more energetic.

Since The Heritage School is among top Schools in Dehradun, we, therefore, ensure every child gets equal support from the school. We believe it's our responsibility to help the kids with the best solutions and guidelines. We wish every kid to prepare well for exams and score good grades. 

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