Monday, 15 January 2018

Top Schools Emphasis on the Importance of Literacy To Upgrade Society

Literacy can change the world. It is undoubtedly an amazing gift one can receive. It is a right and a responsibility of every child. Education is a golden ticket to a better life. It helps in the upliftment of an individual physically and mentally. Learned and knowledgeable individuals live more happily and improved lifestyle. It is a way of earning survival to your family. Education is the road that leads to one’s progress and makes children realize their potentials.

At The Heritage School, we believe that literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. Among the best school in Dehradun, we say that it is a way to help improve society.  Below are few reasons how education can improve society:–

1.    Lifts individual out of poverty – Education makes a child gain knowledge and enhances his skills. With education, one can attain a good job in the future and can serve his family. A job can help improve financial status and lift an individual out of poverty.

2.     Leads to the development of the community – It is well said that education can change the world. If the children are well educated, they can help change the mindset of communities. A positive change will gradually lead to the up gradation and development of the community.

3.    Empowers girls and women – Literacy empowers women and girls to become economically prolific and self-sufficient. People will understand that girls can equally contribute towards society and help their families financially. This will make people understand the importance of education.

4.   Positive economic growth – education will lead to a better future for children. This will help in improving the financial status of people, which will lead to economic growth of a society.  This will create more workforce for the nation and will enhance country’s economic growth.

Being among the top school in Dehradun, we consider that literacy is the tool for development of a society that will lead to a developed nation in future. We believe that an educated community is a united community. 

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