Monday, 12 February 2018

5 Ways To Foster Creativity In Kids

People assume creativity as an inborn talent. It is right to some extent, but not completely. Creativity is more a skill than just being a talent. Creativity is something that all of us are born with. It is present in all of us, in someway or the other. Parents play an important role in helping their kid get good grades in academics, the same way a parent can help their kids learn this skill and develop. Parental support is always necessary for their children to grow.

The Heritage School is an ICSE School in Dehradun and considers that every child can be creative. All of them  just need a little support and the right guidance. Below are 5 easy ways to make your child learn this skill and explore creativity-

Provide the resource for creative expression

The biggest resource that is needed for creativity is time and space. You need to give time to your kids to play and explore things,but remember to give them space where you don’t mind having clutter. Let them create the mess and it will surely teach them something creative.

Make your home a dish for creativity

When kids try to play in the house or do something different parents always ignore and clean it. If you want your kid to be creative try to give them complete freedom to do art and creative work. Introduce your home to creative things. This will attract your kids and generate their interest in creativity.

Encourage your kids to practice art and craft

The more you encourage and acknowledge your kids, the more they will learn. Letting them discover their ideas will enhance their skills and lead to positive development.

Give kids the freedom to express Themselves

let your kids disagree you. This will help them find new ways or solution than existing ones. They will learn and discover something new. Everytime when they are in any situation, ask them to solve it and find a new solution. This will make them think differently and be more creative. 

Stop worrying too much what your kids Achieve

Few parents keep on worrying too much about their child’s achievements. This is one reason that stops them from pushing their child to be more creative. Instead of asking what you achieve, you should ask your child did he enjoyed learning and what new he did he  learn. Motivate the kids to learn something new that will help them become different from others and creative.

The Heritage School- Best School in Dehradun ensures that kids are given enough time and space at school to enhance their creative skills and learn something new. We consider that the overall development of kids is necessary. Therefore, with teaching academics, they need to be helped out with ascertaining something new. New innovations are the results of creative minds.

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