Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Top 6 Tips For Conducting Extracurricular Activities | Best School in Dehradun

Extracurricular activities are becoming an important part of the education system. They benefit students on educational, personal and even social means. It helps in raising student’s self-esteem. Extracurricular activities should be involved in schools as every child is not just interested in sports. Participating in different activities allows each student to involve themselves in it and enhance their skills.

At  The Heritage School, we consider that activities help kids a lot in relaxing and refreshing. Known among the best Schools in Dehradun, we take initiatives to introduce several extra-curricular activities in our school. We want our every child to enjoy themselves and enhance their skills in their area of interest. Here are top 6 tips for running extracurricular activities that every school should intake in their education system-

1.     Be Flexible – Every child may not just love sports so to involve every child in curricular activities you must introduce activities like, Eco-clubs, poetry clubs, and debate clubs.

2.      Consider Safety – Safety first is safety always, so schools having activities like skating or hockey require more safety. Schools should always keep ankle guards, helmets and rubber gloves for the safety of kids.

3.      Get Seniors Involved – Involving seniors help in making activities a fun. Kids enjoy more when they have familiar faces around them. Try involving siblings of younger kids that will help kids involve in activities freely.

4.      School Culture is Important – School should always make kids understand about the competition that will help them work even harder. A competitive school culture is a must to give the right directions to kids.

5.      Involve Everyone – while organizing any activity or competition involve outsiders, for instance, parents of the kids or old age people that will enjoy the activities, motivate the kids and create a relaxed environment.

6.      Ask the teacher to Volunteer – Teachers handle any task properly. But to make the activities more fun and enjoyable ask the teacher to run the activities they love. This will result in healthy involvement of teachers too.

The Heritage School- top ICSE schools in Dehradun,  encourage teachers as well as students to come up with more ideas and activities that can be conducted in schools. We believe that extracurricular activities are the best option to involve the kids and make them have fun at school.

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