Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Broad Curriculum Celebrates Various Talents

Education is a tool which helps an individual to succeed in the contemporary world. It is imperative because it is used to alleviate most of the challenges faced in life. The knowledge that is attained through quality education helps open doors to a lot of opportunities for better prospects in career growth and making an individual confident.

 The Heritage School is one of the best schools in Dehradun which has a large campus with the most salubrious surroundings. Mr. John J.Sookias and Mrs. Maisie Sookias were destined to impact education when in 1953 they started this School in Dehradun. It was in the year 1953 when Mr. J J Sookias and his wife Mrs. M Sookias started this school in Dehradun and called it “The Doon Cultural Centre”. School imparts education which is a combination of literacy and values of life and stands committed in providing to society, a socially and morally responsible learning community. Learning that is applicable to real life and is lifelong.

The ICSE School in Dehradun has an education curriculum which focuses on the overall development of the students. The school lays stress on both academic as well as co-curricular activities for it believes that just good academics do not help a student become a responsible citizen. A student must be equally talented in other fields as well. Being both academically and co-curricularly talented help students face the world and assist them shaping their personality.

The School in Dehradun postulates such activities help the students develop an enriched learning experience by offering them an opportunity of thinking in new ways of problem solving and critical thinking. The basic curriculum inculcates and teaches the students regarding academic theories while co-curricular activities help the students apply what they have learned by practicing in their practical life. These activities are important as they develop the students intellectually. The type of exposure these activities offer is not probable for being achieved through theoretic ways and therefore are highly helpful in developing a student’s talent.

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