Monday, 26 February 2018

Don’t take Stress, De-Stress!

With exams, taking stress is natural. With the exams coming near, students have to be more focused towards their study. Students should spend quality time while learning and revising each and every topic vigorously. Taking stress and tension simply results in wasting one’s time. 

The Heritage School – the best ICSE School aims at providing an environment to all the students so that they are able to combat the exam stress if they have any and perform well. Here are a few tips mentioned, which one should take into account while studying to avoid stress and give exams smoothly without getting panicked.

Don’t Overlook Sleep 

Sleeping is very much necessary during exams. The body gets too exhausted while studying and it is only during sleep that the body gets replenished to study again. Minimum 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary, and do your best for the rest of 16 hours. 

Eat Healthily 

Make sure you avoid all the junk food and stick to the greens and a healthy diet. Diet during the examination. 

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you keep all the liquids going on throughout the day. Put down coffee for a while and start having fresh juices, smoothies, tea or water while you study. Hydration is very much necessary so that you are able to concentrate fully.

Take Small Breaks

Studying regularly without taking any breaks, will make your learning inadequate and you might not even remember anything in the long run. Make sure you take small, frequent breaks after completing a chapter. During that break, you can either listen to songs or simply play with your pet. 

Organize your Study Routine

Make a timetable, and stick to it. While making that timetable make sure you time everything, including lunch breaks, nap time. Make the routine which is realistic. Most importantly, make sure you stick to it. 

Yoga and Meditation

These activities help you unwind stress to a great extent. It gives you mental relief and helps in making a decision. You can refresh your mind and put some limit to your unusual thoughts which are breaking your concentration while studying. 

Avoid Social Media 

It might sound like a very difficult task, but try sticking away from social media during exams. Social Media tends to take a lot of time, and that time is eventually wasted. You can also limit using social media during the evenings. 

Remain Positive 

Try and stay calm in all the situations you can. Make sure you are surrounded by positive aspects. Keep reminding yourself of things that you are proud of and that way you will be in a good mood and will learn more. 

At The Heritage School – the best school in Dehradun, we provide the best guidance for all our students. Board examination can be one hectic time for all the students. We hope the students learn from these tips and are able to perform fully to their potential.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


With board exams just around the corner, it is a very crucial time for all those appearing. The amount of stress also rises. Especially for a subject like mathematics, students fear to study it a lot. But at The Heritage School – the best ICSE school in Dehradun, we provide guidance to students as such that students are thorough with the basics which makes it easier for them to study it smartly during the exam time and not get stressed from it.

The Class 10th mathematics focuses on the basic geometry, trigonometry and the concept of numbers. The subject helps to build a basic aptitude and concepts that would be beneficial for the students who wish to appear for the aptitude based tests in the future and otherwise as well.  In order to ace the coming exams, here are a few guidelines which need to be kept in mind while preparing for the exam.

1.The class 10 Maths formulas though are very general, but sometimes, as seen in the previous question papers the questions are asked from the middle of such numerical which the students have to identify it.

2.The concepts/formula sheet should be kept handy. It should be put up where it will be visible to you during the time you are studying say right in front of your study table, fridge or somewhere near the dining table.

3.You should know the use of all the Maths formulas. This can only be aced once you have enough practice. Never read through, always practice.

4.If you really want to score an A1 in math exam, then it is really important to completely be in sync with your textbook. Consider it as your bible. Go through all the examples, exercises, and also the miscellaneous exercises.

5.If you are solving a problem-based question, it is advisable to read the problem again and again. Students often start solving the problems while reading the question halfway only.

6.Make use of the rough paper provided to you. Also, while reading the questions on the answer sheet write what is given and what has been asked in the question. This also contains marks.

7.Once the revision is done, start solving the sample papers, unsolved papers and practice papers within the given set of time. This will not only help you to get up to speed but also finish the exam in 3 hours.

Being one of the best schools in Dehradun, we aim to provide the best results. The results are a hard work of our faculty, students and also the parents who are equally involved in providing the best result. We wish all the students best of luck, for the coming exams!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Diet for Exams; for Great Grades

Exam season is unfailingly and a rough season for everybody included; the children, parents, and even the teachers! Be that as it may, the most worried are the parents for their kids in light of the fact that long examining hours mean twisted eating regimen and eventually sick wellbeing for your kids.

The Heritage School – the best ICSE school in Dehradun understands all of these problems and to combat all of them, below a few tips, have been mentioned in the light of what food to eat and what to avoid,the one that will help your little one fly and score high!

Eat smaller, frequent meals

Eating small meals will provide a stable supply of energy to the exam drained the brain.If a large meal is served to the child then he/she will experience a dip in energy and also the alertness to study for hours on end.

Have a healthy, nutritious breakfast

Except for breakfast, small meals should be served. Breakfast plays a major role in everyone’s diet. Try serving a combination of whole grains and proteins, because only the breakfast will keep going that energy in your child while he/she writes that exam.

Pay attention to snacks

Make sure no high amounts of fats or sugar are served as snacks. Instead of going for such snacks, opt for baked ones. Not only do they replace high contents of sugar and fats but are tasty as well.

Ensure the exam time diet is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fats play an important role in memory, concentration, and even relieving depression.Studies have found omega-3 fatty acids, especially docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), have shown to increase the brain volume.Sources of omega-3 fats in the diet: Oily fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, halibut, trout; seeds like flax, chia, and melon seeds, sunflower also provide omega-3 fats.You can make a powder of the seeds and nuts and sprinkle them over soups, dals, salads, chapatti flour.

Water is your best friend

It is important to stay hydrated. Ideally, drinking 1.5 liters of water a day is recommended.
Coconut water, buttermilk, milky drinks, some special tea like chamomile tea can not only help meet the recommended fluid intake but also help in providing nutrients and provide a sense of calm.

Coffee and Exams

Coffee is seriously not recommended for students. It is dehydrating and definitely not a good beverage to be drunk in the night. Instead, if coffee is drunk during morning and that too in moderate amounts can actually help with alertness and not cause issues with sleep deprivation.

We understand how critical the exam time can get and especially the diet. Providing proper diet can be very critical for both parents and kids.The ICSE School in Dehradun believes in aiming and providing better guidance for our students and continue to wish that our students achieve great success!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Prepare | Plan | Perform

Examination time is just around the corner. This is the time when all those appearing for their board exams might be panicking. Though there is no need to panic, there are a few things which need to be kept in mind in order to score good marks in every subject. It is not about studying everything but studying smartly.

At The Heritage School – The best ICSE School in Dehradun, we believe that every student is special. He/she requires and also gets equal attention from the teachers. Science is a very important subject for all those who wish to pursue it in class XI, they need to clear out all their doubts and build a strong foundation regarding the subject.
All the three areas; Physics, Chemistry,and Biology should be given equal attention and none of them should be left or paid any less attention to. It is not as difficult as it sounds to score well in science. There are a few tips and tricks which need to be kept in mind in order to score well.
Here are a few points which are needed to be kept in mind for all those appearing for the class X exams.

1.The complete list of formulae, experiments and derivations should be kept handy.  Prepare a separate list containing all the important ones and stick it up in your room.

2.It is a strict no-no to miss the science laboratory lectures and classes. Utilize the science laboratory as much as you can for every single experiment.   Ask your teachers all the doubts you have. The teachers are there to help you.

3.The ICSE books, being followed in the classes, should be considered as your bible to score well in Science. Almost the whole question paper revolves around the concepts that are given in the textbooks.

4.Some science formulas have certain rules that you strictly need to follow and use it correctly. Solve all the numerical step by step. Each step holds marks. Even if you get stuck somewhere, solving it step by step helps you to get to the answer with ease.

5.PHYSICS-Get a grip on the fundamental concepts of the subject. A major part of the exam contains direct formulae- and theorem-based questions. Therefore, revise them thoroughly to solve questions accurately. They have the highest marks. Use the formulae and theorems extensively in solving various problems from last years’ papers, ICSE Sample Papers,and other model papers.

6.CHEMISTRY-The good news is this is a high-scoring subject, and also requires lesser time for preparation. Speed and accuracy in solving different problems can be acquired through the in-depth study of the subject and extensive practice. Read everything through once as it helps in memorizing it easier. Study the name reactions; make charts of formulae along with names and revise them as and when possible.

7.BIOLOGY-As the subject includes lots of diagrams, give special attention to important diagrams and their theory. Make sure you remember the important terms and their respective functions. Make sure you practice the diagrams enough. Try to draw a diagram wherever the answer requires. Biology involves learning and memorizing difficult terminology. Write such terms repeatedly so as to get familiar with them. Get thorough with the important definitions as the subject is mostly theory.

Scoring good marks isn’t a rocket science. Make sure you are thorough with all the theory and practice the numerical and diagram enough. Try not to cram and read it thoroughly once before memorizing.
The Heritage School is among top 10 schools in Dehradun and  wishes all the very best to students for their exams. Break a leg!

Monday, 12 February 2018

5 Ways To Foster Creativity In Kids

People assume creativity as an inborn talent. It is right to some extent, but not completely. Creativity is more a skill than just being a talent. Creativity is something that all of us are born with. It is present in all of us, in someway or the other. Parents play an important role in helping their kid get good grades in academics, the same way a parent can help their kids learn this skill and develop. Parental support is always necessary for their children to grow.

The Heritage School is an ICSE School in Dehradun and considers that every child can be creative. All of them  just need a little support and the right guidance. Below are 5 easy ways to make your child learn this skill and explore creativity-

Provide the resource for creative expression

The biggest resource that is needed for creativity is time and space. You need to give time to your kids to play and explore things,but remember to give them space where you don’t mind having clutter. Let them create the mess and it will surely teach them something creative.

Make your home a dish for creativity

When kids try to play in the house or do something different parents always ignore and clean it. If you want your kid to be creative try to give them complete freedom to do art and creative work. Introduce your home to creative things. This will attract your kids and generate their interest in creativity.

Encourage your kids to practice art and craft

The more you encourage and acknowledge your kids, the more they will learn. Letting them discover their ideas will enhance their skills and lead to positive development.

Give kids the freedom to express Themselves

let your kids disagree you. This will help them find new ways or solution than existing ones. They will learn and discover something new. Everytime when they are in any situation, ask them to solve it and find a new solution. This will make them think differently and be more creative. 

Stop worrying too much what your kids Achieve

Few parents keep on worrying too much about their child’s achievements. This is one reason that stops them from pushing their child to be more creative. Instead of asking what you achieve, you should ask your child did he enjoyed learning and what new he did he  learn. Motivate the kids to learn something new that will help them become different from others and creative.

The Heritage School- Best School in Dehradun ensures that kids are given enough time and space at school to enhance their creative skills and learn something new. We consider that the overall development of kids is necessary. Therefore, with teaching academics, they need to be helped out with ascertaining something new. New innovations are the results of creative minds.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

8 Tips for Parents During Examination.

Exam time is almost here and revisions are going on in full swing. Exams do not just mean pressure on students but on their parents as well. For many parents whose children are taking exams, it brings back the memory of when they took the public exams. It might be a state of complete dread of feeling helpless to help their child. But parents don’t need to worry now. 

The Heritage School- the top ICSE School in Dehradun, believes that not only students but parents also need guidance. There are certain tips for parents to follow and brush upon, to help and be fully supportive in assisting their children, who would soon be appearing for exams.

1. Know the exam calendar 
Stick up the exam time table where it will be visible to all, at all times, say the fridge or somewhere near the dining table. You must know the timings and the venue of the exams. 

2. Help your child through exam revision
When your child is revising for the exams, make sure you keep an eye over him/her. Help him/her by providing them with practice papers, and also get them someone with experience to talk to them.

3. Make sure you are aware about the daily requirements of your child
The daily requirements for the exam day should be prepared beforehand, which includes all the stationery, like pens, pencils, ruler, etc. and also other requirements such as water, protein bar, dry fruits. 

4. Tune in to the tale of their day and move on
Ask your child how their day was and ask them how their exam did. Don’t ask too much about the exam. This will do nothing but only increase the stress level of your child. Let them recite their story of the day and then don’t ask anything about it. 

5. Help them to keep up an all-around adjusted schedule
It is very important for your child to have a balance between studies and leisure. Make sure your child is not just into books 24*7 but is also able to take out some time and do mind relaxing activities, which might vary from, watching TV, listening to the radio, playing for some time, etc. 

6. Don’t scare away your child by overhyping the importance of the exam .Discuss the exam, but don’t overpay. The exam time is crucial for you as well as your child. When you tell them about the exams, it won’t be the first time; they already have been hearing about it a lot. Just discuss, don’t scare them.

7. Healthy mind resides in a healthy and active body
Making sure of your child’s health is a big concern during the exam time. Bad health can hamper your child’s performance in the exam. So be sure your child is eating healthy and getting all the nutrients desired.

8. Sleep is very important 
Some children complain of having sleepless nights before the exam. Make sure your child gets enough sleep before and after the exam. But also make sure that he/she doesn’t oversleep. If they complain of not being able to sleep make sure they are calmed down before the exam.

The Heritage School is one of the best schools in Dehradun and we believe that it is important to reassure your child that no matter what results they receive, that there are options. It may not be their first option but there are other ways to get the same qualification so be aware of the options should they not get their first choice. We give them as much encouragement and support during these times.


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Top 6 Tips For Conducting Extracurricular Activities | Best School in Dehradun

Extracurricular activities are becoming an important part of the education system. They benefit students on educational, personal and even social means. It helps in raising student’s self-esteem. Extracurricular activities should be involved in schools as every child is not just interested in sports. Participating in different activities allows each student to involve themselves in it and enhance their skills.

At  The Heritage School, we consider that activities help kids a lot in relaxing and refreshing. Known among the best Schools in Dehradun, we take initiatives to introduce several extra-curricular activities in our school. We want our every child to enjoy themselves and enhance their skills in their area of interest. Here are top 6 tips for running extracurricular activities that every school should intake in their education system-

1.     Be Flexible – Every child may not just love sports so to involve every child in curricular activities you must introduce activities like, Eco-clubs, poetry clubs, and debate clubs.

2.      Consider Safety – Safety first is safety always, so schools having activities like skating or hockey require more safety. Schools should always keep ankle guards, helmets and rubber gloves for the safety of kids.

3.      Get Seniors Involved – Involving seniors help in making activities a fun. Kids enjoy more when they have familiar faces around them. Try involving siblings of younger kids that will help kids involve in activities freely.

4.      School Culture is Important – School should always make kids understand about the competition that will help them work even harder. A competitive school culture is a must to give the right directions to kids.

5.      Involve Everyone – while organizing any activity or competition involve outsiders, for instance, parents of the kids or old age people that will enjoy the activities, motivate the kids and create a relaxed environment.

6.      Ask the teacher to Volunteer – Teachers handle any task properly. But to make the activities more fun and enjoyable ask the teacher to run the activities they love. This will result in healthy involvement of teachers too.

The Heritage School- top ICSE schools in Dehradun,  encourage teachers as well as students to come up with more ideas and activities that can be conducted in schools. We believe that extracurricular activities are the best option to involve the kids and make them have fun at school.

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