Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Student Support at The Heritage School

School Life is a peculiar space to be in. While there’s a lot of fun, learning and lifelong memories, a certain period of the school life also brings a lot of apprehensions, insecurities, and fear - leaving the young teenagers absolutely confused. At The Heritage, we have had a long experience in the field of education, and we understand the state of mind of our students very well. Therefore, we being amongst the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, make sure to constantly support our students in their pursuit of an enriching educational experience leading to a bearing career.

Here is how The Heritage School, Dehradun supports the students.

The Student - Teacher Bond

The role of the teacher in a students life is not limited to the regular exchange of knowledge in the classroom hours. Students are equivalent to parents at the school, and the relationship between the students and the teachers should be such that the students can share their thoughts and apprehensions with the teachers freely, and the teachers are able to listen to the students and help them out. At The Heritage, we are glad that we have been able to foster such a culture in our school.

Counseling Sessions

The school also organizes counseling sessions and career workshops for the students to help them resolve their doubts, and discuss their apprehensions. Some of the best academicians and experts from the industry are invited on campus to interact with the students.

Parent - Teacher Interactions

The best school in Dehradun also makes sure that the parents are always kept in the loop, as far as the progress of their child at school is concerned. Regular interactions between the teachers and the parents are organized by the school, where they can mutually discuss and come up with solutions to the problems being faced by the students.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Summer Vacations are Approaching. Are You Ready, Students?

Students, regardless of the age group or class, always like holidays, and especially the summer break. While the purpose of the summer break is to protect the kids from the extreme temperatures during the peak summers, the break also offers a great opportunity for the students to try out new things, learn some skills, and develop a hobby. It let the kids have a good time outside the monotonous school routine.

As one of the best school in Dehradun, we say that all of that is only when you put efforts to make your summers good! Here a few things we suggest, that you can do during summer vacations this year, to make them the best vacations ever!

Develop an Interesting Daily Routine

The best way to benefit from the summer vacations is by developing a daily routine that you otherwise would not. Wake up early, and go for a morning walk. Spend some time in the nature while you exercise, run or do yoga. The early morning timing of school doesn't always allow that. Restrict the time that you spend watching TV or on the mobile phone, and try developing a hobby which would benefit you.

Learn a New Thing or Two

Use your time during the vacations to learn some new and interesting things. Try out the activities you always wanted to do, but could not get time for them earlier. You can join a hobby class, or learn an art. It can be art and craft, dance, music, english speaking or whatever. Surely, it will be a really fulfilling experience.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Homework

The Holiday Homework that you get during the breaks is of strategic importance. Hallmark, being the top school in Panchkula, makes sure that the holiday homework is designed to unleash the creativity of the students, makes them learn new things and at the same time is fun to do! So students, complete it sincerely.

Go on a Trip with Family

Well, an outing has to be the essential part of a summer break. Plan a trip to a refreshing place with your family, extended family and cousins. You hardly get the time when almost everyone in the family is free. Summer Break is just that time!

The Heritage School ranks amongst the top 10 schools in Dehradun, and we really want our students to make the best out of their summer vacations.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tips To Beat The Summers!

The long stretch of May has recently commenced, and the late spring season is as of now demonstrating its fill shade. Summers are a troublesome time for the school-going youngsters. Venturing out forward and backward school, in the singing warmth consistently, in any way till the vacations start – is no simple. Notwithstanding, the best part is if your school itself helps you in confronting the sun! The Heritage School, which is the top school in Dehradun, does that for you.

Here are a few hints for understudies to confront the summers, the correct way.

Increase your Liquid Intake

In summers, your body starts to lose a great deal of its water as sweat. On the off chance that this misfortune isn't renewed as an expanded admission of water, it can prompt a state of dehydration. Your fluid admission can incorporate crisp juices, lemonade, coconut water, and so on. What's more, indeed, carrying your water bottle with you to class is an unquestionable requirement.

Eat Healthy Food

Having great nourishment is vital, however, you should be more mindful of your dietary patterns amid the late spring season. A lot of ailments spread especially amid summers, and that too through sustenance. Along these lines, it is smarter to dodge garbage and roadside sustenance in summers and eat homemade nourishment.

Take a stab at maintaining a strategic distance from the late morning sun

Being school students, you can't totally abstain from venturing out in the sun to go out from school. Be that as it may maintain a strategic distance from it beyond what many would consider possible, and don't go out pointlessly. While presenting yourself to the sun, keep in mind to apply sunscreen and cover yourself up with cotton garments.

Chill Off Regularly!

Amid summers, it is essential to have your own specific manner of chilling off your body at customary interims. You should have a go-to break when the warmth inflicts significant damage on you. This should be possible by joining swimming, arranging an end of the week escape, or basically having a tub loaded with ice cream!

The Heritage School sees how extreme summers frustrate the everyday existence of students at home also at the school. We, being the best school in Dehradun, provide facilities like air-ventilated classrooms and transportation so the scholastics are not influenced notwithstanding amid the pinnacle summer season.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Practicing Good Personal Hygiene

“Cleanliness is next to godliness” - all of us have said and heard this phrase a number of times. We know this is as true as it can be, and cleanliness is essential for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Yet, a lot of times, we find not just our surroundings, but even our very selves, not in the best shape as far as cleanliness is concerned.

Maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness is very important, and at The Heritage, we believe that earlier this habit is ingrained in a person’s life, the better it is. That’s why, we, as a school, always make it a point to teach our students about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness.

As one of the best schools in Dehradun, we are glad that we have been able to raise not only scholars, but also individuals who are incredibly self-aware towards cleanliness, and at the same time also contribute towards the cleanliness of their surroundings.

Here are certain habits which would instill personal hygiene among students.

Washing Hands

At school, we encourage the students to maintain certain standards in their personal upkeep. Proper washing of hands is one thing that we aggressively promote, and we ensure that students wash hands every time they have a meal at school. Parents are encouraged to ensure that the same habit is followed at home as well.

General Hygiene

Habits like bathing daily, trimmed and maintained hair, clean cut nails are often not talked about and are taken to be implied. But, it’s important to inculcate these things to cement such habits in the students for a lifetime. At The Heritage School, we believe that we do it just right for the students, by keeping a check on these hygiene practices of the students.

 Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is also a very important component of personal hygiene, and we try to make sure that our students do it right. We push our students to ensure brushing their teeth at least twice a day to maintain good dental health. We also hold regular dental camps and checkups at the campus.

These were certain basic cleanliness habits which a child need to be exposed to. As among the top Schools in Dehradun, we constantly work on our students in their grooming and shaping their overall personalities.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Raising Socially Responsible Citizens at The Heritage

Education has a defining role to play in an individual’s career. In Fact, a good education is a stepping stone to a life full of opportunities. However, at The Heritage School, being the best school in Dehradun,  we believe that the purpose of education is not limited to that.

Education, as much as it is about building one’s career, is also about building one’s character. We, at The Heritage, are committed to raising socially responsible citizens who go on to build great careers and also help uplift their community and their society along with them.

The school regularly organizes exposure visits for the students to places of strategic importance, to help them gain insights into the realities of the society. We organize visits to orphanages, old age homes, rural areas and slums as part of this endeavor. Through such initiatives, the students not only find themselves feel connected to the society but also realize the need to work towards solving the societal problems.

Our curriculum itself has been designed in such a way to keep the students constantly aware of all that’s happening around them. We have weekly sessions on General Knowledge and Value Education for students of all grades. The daily routine at school includes paper reading for the students. The schools organize discussions and debates over issues of social importance, giving the students an opportunity to dig deeper into such issues and come up with innovative ideas towards eradicating the social problems.

The Heritage understands the importance of raising socially responsible students, especially in the times when our society has been struggling with so many issues. At the same time, we ensure that our students excel at all levels - in academics, in sports, and in extra-curricular activities. We are glad that we have been able to foster well-rounded individuals for so many years, and are placed in the list of top 10 schools in Dehradun.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Education

We live in the era of rapidly evolving technology. We have a new technology transforming the way we live and do things every other day. Technology has influenced each and every walk of life, and the field of education is no different. Across the world, education today is largely different from what it used to be about a decade ago, thanks to breakthrough technologies like smart classes and student management system.

In the world that is changing so fast, only those who are able to match the speed are able to survive. We are glad that The Heritage School, which is now counted amongst the top 10 schools in Dehradun, has been able to live up to the technological advances.

The school embraced technology in its day-to-day functioning, and at the same time prepares the students to be tech-savvy and well-trained to work with different kind of technologies.

Smart Class Rooms

One of the main features of The Heritage School is its “Smart Classrooms”, which enable a very interactive and involving way of teaching and learning in the classrooms. The smart classes are equipped with interactive multimedia display boards, projector screens, and the latest audio and visual aids. The system comprises of a vast pool of modules based upon the CBSE curriculum, which help the students understand their lessons in a seamless and fun way.

Computer & Technical Education

The Heritage School is amongst the best ICSE schools in Dehradun because it is the only one to focus so much on computer education of students. We teach our students to work on computers from the very beginning so that they become absolutely comfortable with the machines by the time they reach senior classes. Students are taught advanced computer concepts and programming languages at the senior most levels. The school has large, spacious and well-equipped computer labs.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Peer Learning at The Heritage School

The Heritage School is one of the most celebrated schools in the city of Dehradun. It is constantly featured at the top in the list of ICSE schools in Dehradun. All the reputation and goodwill that the school has been able to build over the years is credited to its constant endeavor to deliver something extra to the students.

In the series of things that we do for our students, one of the keys is the school’s focus on promoting peer to peer learning. At The Heritage, we have always believed that the present generation of students is the smartest of them all, and given the right direction and environment, they can actually learn a lot of things on their own, from their peers. That’s why we have always kept peer learning as an integral building block of our curriculum.

The school regularly organizes activities where the students get to interact with each other and do things together, picking up several new skills in the process. We organize inter-class and inter-batch competitions to allow the students to reach out to, and the mix-up with their peers.

Our curriculum itself has been devised in such a way that it requires the students to be active fellows in the class, and be as responsive as possible. The exercises that we do with the students make them work in groups, complementing each member’s skill set.

The Heritage’s focus on peer learning has helped us shape individuals who are brimming with a large number of different skills, which they have picked up from each other all through their years at school, and hence is listed the Best Amongst Dehradun Schools ICSE. Not only that, students also learn to understand each other and respect alternate points of view. Students learn holistic skills like teamwork, discipline and work ethos by working actively with their peers.

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