Tuesday 1 May 2018

Peer Learning at The Heritage School

The Heritage School is one of the most celebrated schools in the city of Dehradun. It is constantly featured at the top in the list of ICSE schools in Dehradun. All the reputation and goodwill that the school has been able to build over the years is credited to its constant endeavor to deliver something extra to the students.

In the series of things that we do for our students, one of the keys is the school’s focus on promoting peer to peer learning. At The Heritage, we have always believed that the present generation of students is the smartest of them all, and given the right direction and environment, they can actually learn a lot of things on their own, from their peers. That’s why we have always kept peer learning as an integral building block of our curriculum.

The school regularly organizes activities where the students get to interact with each other and do things together, picking up several new skills in the process. We organize inter-class and inter-batch competitions to allow the students to reach out to, and the mix-up with their peers.

Our curriculum itself has been devised in such a way that it requires the students to be active fellows in the class, and be as responsive as possible. The exercises that we do with the students make them work in groups, complementing each member’s skill set.

The Heritage’s focus on peer learning has helped us shape individuals who are brimming with a large number of different skills, which they have picked up from each other all through their years at school, and hence is listed the Best Amongst Dehradun Schools ICSE. Not only that, students also learn to understand each other and respect alternate points of view. Students learn holistic skills like teamwork, discipline and work ethos by working actively with their peers.

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