Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Project Based Learning – Pathway to Success

Project-based learning helps students to inculcate skills for living in a knowledge-based and technological society. The old school method of learning facts and reading them out is no longer sufficient for students to live in this world. To have fundamental skills like reading, writing and maths along with social skills like teamwork, problem-solving, time management, gathering research and information are necessary for students to solve highly complex problems. 

The Heritage School being the best school in Dehradun has best teachers who mentor and guide students to have such skills to become a master of their own learning. 

These skills include:

-    Critical thinking, reasoning, planning, and creativity.

-    Communication skills for interpersonal and presentation needs.

-    Envision and decision making.

-    To know which technology is appropriate for a particular task.

The benefits of project-based learning are listed below:

•    The implication of project-based learning brings new relevance to learning. This approach allows bringing real-life context to the curriculum which furthers encourages you to become critical thinkers and learners for lifelong. Teachers try to communicate with students and make efforts to break the barriers such as isolation in classroom and lack of assurance of success.

•    Project-based learning promotes lifelong learning. It enables students and teachers to reach out beyond school building. It helps students to take control of their learning.

•    Project-based learning allows you to systematically assess and evaluate student’s progress. This is achieved by doing the following:

-    It allows students to showcase his/her capabilities by letting them work independently.

-    Students are able to apply their desired skills such as research.

-    Students develop the ability to work with his/her peers, building teamwork and group skills.

-    It allows teachers to know about their students. 

Project-based learning allows students to build knowledge of varying backgrounds and experiences. It assures difference in learning style. Supporting project-based learning will let you find a decline in absenteeism, increase in cooperative learning and improvement in student’s performances. The Heritage School listed among the top 5 schools in Dehradun supports project-based learning as it promotes critical thinking and communication and the benefits of these skills are enhanced.    

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wings of Creativity

Creativity and imagination are high-level skills in the brain. It is through varied opportunities provided to children to help them to develop these skills. Opportunities that provide freedom to explore to experiment to test on new ideas to learn about the variety of objects using senses, through all these experience brains learns and are able to make connections with them. 

Offering varied activities for play and interacting with real-life objects gives the brain the ability to gain knowledge about how things work. These types of experiences add to developing essential brain connection and contribute to the knowledge that is needed for the process of creativity.

Children’s brain is a powerhouse that grows in response to the creative environment. Children tend to learn quickly when they go through unique experiences. We at The Heritage School being the Best ICSE Schools in Dehradun believe that creative experiences are more critical for the healthy development of the brain and well-rounded personalities. 

The early musical training starts to build the same neural networks that later are used for solving numerical calculations. We here expose our students to musical teachings so that they find it easy to accomplish language, learning, and development.

Dramatic play can stimulate the same synapses as spoken language and is a great medium which ensures proper articulation in children. Painting stimulates the visuals processing system which helps students to recall the memory and build imagination activities just like clay modelling and drawing is linked to the growth of fine and gross motor skills. 

Creative abilities make us who we are spiritual, emotionally, and mentally and this hold key to our personalities. We not only encourage parents to motivate their children to take part in different activities but also do our part by organizing different activities in our schools.

We make our students take part in numerous activities like music, drawing, painting, and elocution. Our aim is to make students shine and attain the all-encompassing development of students. The Heritage School counted among Top 10 Schools in Dehradun provide the right combination of theoretical and practical learning to nurture both academic as well as creative skills of students.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Science – An Organised Knowledge

It is important to have latest and high quality of labs for every school. Efficient learning and teaching of science topics involve seeing handling and moulding of real-life objects and materials. The knowledge that the kids acquire in the classroom would be ineffective until they don’t observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction. 

The Heritage School the Best School in Dehradun,combines classroom teaching with laboratory experience to ensure that students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. We also believe that the laboratory teaching and experiment that being conducted encourages the students to attain a deep understanding of the concepts. This helps them to retain the knowledge for the longest time.

We at our school have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs that are airy, spacious and well equipped with experienced and highly qualified teachers where every student gets to work on an individual basis. The science lab equipments allowstudents to interact directly with data they have collected. They get firsthand experience by performing various experiments. The equipment and the supplies in the science lab make learning and teaching easy for students as well as the teachers. Anatomy, physics science kits, chemistry science kits and models make it easy to understand the complex theories of science.

Teachers make an effort to prepare brilliant and dedicated students who expect them to excel in the fields of science and technology. They observe and carry out different experiments which sharpen their reasoning skills and start brooding over those topics and theories deeply. We strive hard to educate them with all the matters in hand so that they go on to become the next generation’s scientist and researchers.

We at The Heritage School the Best ICSE Schools in Dehradun have all the latest science labs with all the supplies and equipment so that we could make science more interesting for students. We aim to inspire our students to make a significant contribution in the fields of physics, biology and chemistry and others fields of science in their later stage of life. 

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