Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Project Based Learning – Pathway to Success

Project-based learning helps students to inculcate skills for living in a knowledge-based and technological society. The old school method of learning facts and reading them out is no longer sufficient for students to live in this world. To have fundamental skills like reading, writing and maths along with social skills like teamwork, problem-solving, time management, gathering research and information are necessary for students to solve highly complex problems. 

The Heritage School being the best school in Dehradun has best teachers who mentor and guide students to have such skills to become a master of their own learning. 

These skills include:

-    Critical thinking, reasoning, planning, and creativity.

-    Communication skills for interpersonal and presentation needs.

-    Envision and decision making.

-    To know which technology is appropriate for a particular task.

The benefits of project-based learning are listed below:

•    The implication of project-based learning brings new relevance to learning. This approach allows bringing real-life context to the curriculum which furthers encourages you to become critical thinkers and learners for lifelong. Teachers try to communicate with students and make efforts to break the barriers such as isolation in classroom and lack of assurance of success.

•    Project-based learning promotes lifelong learning. It enables students and teachers to reach out beyond school building. It helps students to take control of their learning.

•    Project-based learning allows you to systematically assess and evaluate student’s progress. This is achieved by doing the following:

-    It allows students to showcase his/her capabilities by letting them work independently.

-    Students are able to apply their desired skills such as research.

-    Students develop the ability to work with his/her peers, building teamwork and group skills.

-    It allows teachers to know about their students. 

Project-based learning allows students to build knowledge of varying backgrounds and experiences. It assures difference in learning style. Supporting project-based learning will let you find a decline in absenteeism, increase in cooperative learning and improvement in student’s performances. The Heritage School listed among the top 5 schools in Dehradun supports project-based learning as it promotes critical thinking and communication and the benefits of these skills are enhanced.    

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