Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Cultivating Student Leadership

Any child could be the next prime minister, tech genius or business mogul in the class. So, it is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to build up relationships within teams, and achieving tasks efficiently. Students need to see themselves as potential leaders with understanding of qualities that entail. 

The Heritage School, counted among the best ICSE schools in Uttarakhand, aim at providing regular opportunities for Pupils to show their leadership skills in classroom. Here are some tips to cultivate student leadership in students: 

Give Opportunities

It is often straightforward to provide students with a leadership role in extracurricular activities. Making sure that they turn up and perform the requirements of your role perfectly is all that is required. Under these circumstances' students will learn how to manage people and observe if they can enable people to work together and effectively.  

Set Clear and Achievable Goals 

Encourage students to set quantifiable, achievable goals and keep goals against them. This way they can compare their performance with that of other teams. Measure the success of the leaders separately rather than as a team and give the leaders feedback.  

Planning Strategies

Creating and discussing strategies are very vital leadership skills. Teach students to split large tasks into small groups. Evaluate each kid’s task and provide suggestions for improvement. By doing this, students will learn how to manage things how to perform a certain task.  

Listening Task

Ask your students to just listen to others, and in case they talk they must talk about some other person. In this way, students will become completely others minded and will take decisions according to the mindset of all. Children learn the power of focusing on others rather than themselves which is the foundation of a leader.  

Some kids are a good leader by nature, while some need to be encouraged to become one. We at The Heritage School, being the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, encourage and nurture the development of these qualities in early life.

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