Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Catering to Individual Needs of Students

Each child is different. It not only implies the color of their eyes or their hair texture but also on how they perform in the class. Some students learn better when the teacher reads aloud in the class while others find it uninteresting. For a teacher, it is crucial to keep every child’s need in mind while teaching.

Deemed as one of the best ICSE schools in Uttarakhand, we at The Heritage School, are here with a few advises which will help teachers cater to the individual needs of students.

• One-to-one communication is very essential to know what each child needs. Teachers can hold sessions in which they ask the students about their preferences. Give attention to each child by asking frequent questions in the class during lectures.

• Before the commencement of the lecture devote 10 minutes to discuss things that matter. The discussion can be on the local news, ideas or personal experiences. Be open to their suggestions as well.

• Teachers should discuss different strategies to help children come out of their comfort zone when they sit together. They should scrutinize what they observe in the students.

•  School is a temple of knowledge. A teacher should enter the class keeping this thing in mind and make a positive impact on the students.  

•  A teacher should give assignments considering the capacity of a child.

•  Each child should feel welcomed and appreciated. There should be no room for bias.

• By giving appropriate feedback, you allow students to know where they lack and how they can improve.

• Encourage students to participate individually in the tasks.

• Motivate each child to perform well. A soft pat on the back can make a huge difference.

• Each child learns at his own pace. Let them take their time but make sure you aren’t too lenient.

 As the top school in Dehradun, we at The Heritage School, ensure our teachers connect with each and every child and help them turn into a successful person. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Make Teaching Stress Free

Teaching isn’t an easy job. It challenges you every day. Being a teacher you are expected to devote yourself to the students’ needs and it can get a little overwhelming at times. As the best ICSE school in Dehradun, we at The Heritage School, make sure that our teachers get enough opportunities to evolve and grow with time. 

Here are a few tips for teachers to reduce stress:

• Think of all the reasons why you love teaching in the first place.

• Do not take things personally. Students tend to test your patience at times. Do not lose your calm.

• Take accountability of your actions. If you have made someone upset, whether it is a fellow colleague or student, apologize and ask him what can you do to make things better. 

• Find some time for yourself and relax after the classes. Take a stroll or sit in silence during recess. While you are taking a break, do not think of all the tasks you have to complete by the end of the day. 

• Make learning fun by incorporating games and activities that help you and the students detach from all the stress. Share laughter with your students and find happiness in small things.

• During holidays make sure to indulge in some “me time”. Make a plan to visit your favorite place with your friends and family. Join a yoga class or indulge in other activities.

• Make sure to exercise for at least 15-20 minutes in the morning. It will help you stay active for the whole day. 

• If you feel stressed or overwhelmed make sure to talk to somebody who shares the same interest, i.e., teaching. This will help you see things through the other person’s perspective.

While molding the students to become the best version of themselves, sometimes teachers neglect themselves and fall into the pit of stress. It is important for them to attend workshops that polish their skills and help them find contentment in whatever work they do. As one of the top 10 schools in Dehradun, at The Heritage School, we make sure that teachers remain happy and satisfied while teaching the students. 

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Involving Kids In Decision Making

Children are the future of the nation. If children are allowed to make decisions for themselves when they are young, they’ll be able to make better judgments about a  certain situation and act according when they grow up.

It all depends on how well we involve them while making an important decision that has something to do with their life. From choosing which outfit to wear and which toy to play with, children make various decisions in a day. This skill needs to be polished every now and then to help them get ready for major future decisions, like choosing courses or colleges.

The Heritage School, topping the list of ICSE schools in Dehradun, has come up with certain tips to help parents involve their kids while making a decision.

• Let Your Child Take Lead: From letting him order food while you are at a restaurant and letting him choose the kind of clothes he wants to wear, encourage your child to start small. This will make him confident enough and he’ll be able to put his ideas forth.

• Focus On Your Child’s Interest: Having an interest over what your child wants gives you get an insight into his thought process. This will help you acknowledge his ideas.

• Communication: If you don’t allow healthy communication to propel between you and your child there may be hindrances while making decisions.

• Make Every Day A Learning: Tell your child about various aspects of one situation. Just like every coin has two sides, every decision has a positive and negative effect. Make your child aware of both.

• Teach Them Values: When you teach your kids about certain values it helps them mold their decisions based on their learnings.

• Tell Them That It Is Okay to Make Mistakes: When a child makes a decision there will be consequences. Do not discourage him, instead allow him to grow.

 At The Heritage School, considered one of the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, we ensure that students are involved in the process of decision making and encourage the parents to take this initiative as well.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Time Management Tips to Excel in Exams

We have exactly 24 hours in a day just like any great scholar. What lacks is our incapability to manage our time properly. When we decide to waste our time unnecessarily, we do not realize the loss we’ll be facing in the future.

A lot of students have developed a habit of not studying regularly and then trying to cram at the eleventh hour. We, at The Heritage School, the best ICSE school in Dehradun, believe that it might help you attain good marks, but your box of knowledge would still be empty.

Here are some important tips on how to manage your time during exams in order to excel, from one of the best schools in Uttarakhand:

  • First of all, you need to prepare a time log or a timetable for whatever you have to do in a day.
  • Remember, you need to brace yourself for the exams at least two weeks prior.
  • Go through your study material regularly. Highlight important topics and re-write them. This way you’ll have your notes prepared beforehand, thus reducing the exam-anxiety.
  • Ask your mother or siblings to take quizzes. This way you’ll be able to analyze our weakness.
  • Make pointers of the things you are confused with. Consult your friends or teacher for help.
  • Make sure your electronic gadgets are kept at a distance. This would avoid you from getting distracted.
  • Take short breaks after an hour of studying. But make sure not to exceed the break for more than 10 minutes.
  • After you are done with studying go for a walk or listen to music. This will help you refresh your mind.
  • Analyze at what time of the day your capacity to remember lessons is the most. Make a schedule accordingly.
  • Get proper sleep at night. You won't feel tired or sleepy at the time of studying by getting an 8-hour sleep.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet at the time of exams is very important. One cannot afford to get sick at the peak time of exams.
  • Before exams, it is not a good idea to skip classes, because teachers usually discuss questions that are important.

We as the Best ICSE School in Uttarakhand, hope you inculcate these tips while studying and perform exceptionally well in exams.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Cultivating Student Leadership

Any child could be the next prime minister, tech genius or business mogul in the class. So, it is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to build up relationships within teams, and achieving tasks efficiently. Students need to see themselves as potential leaders with understanding of qualities that entail. 

The Heritage School, counted among the best ICSE schools in Uttarakhand, aim at providing regular opportunities for Pupils to show their leadership skills in classroom. Here are some tips to cultivate student leadership in students: 

Give Opportunities

It is often straightforward to provide students with a leadership role in extracurricular activities. Making sure that they turn up and perform the requirements of your role perfectly is all that is required. Under these circumstances' students will learn how to manage people and observe if they can enable people to work together and effectively.  

Set Clear and Achievable Goals 

Encourage students to set quantifiable, achievable goals and keep goals against them. This way they can compare their performance with that of other teams. Measure the success of the leaders separately rather than as a team and give the leaders feedback.  

Planning Strategies

Creating and discussing strategies are very vital leadership skills. Teach students to split large tasks into small groups. Evaluate each kid’s task and provide suggestions for improvement. By doing this, students will learn how to manage things how to perform a certain task.  

Listening Task

Ask your students to just listen to others, and in case they talk they must talk about some other person. In this way, students will become completely others minded and will take decisions according to the mindset of all. Children learn the power of focusing on others rather than themselves which is the foundation of a leader.  

Some kids are a good leader by nature, while some need to be encouraged to become one. We at The Heritage School, being the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, encourage and nurture the development of these qualities in early life.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Project Based Learning – Pathway to Success

Project-based learning helps students to inculcate skills for living in a knowledge-based and technological society. The old school method of learning facts and reading them out is no longer sufficient for students to live in this world. To have fundamental skills like reading, writing and maths along with social skills like teamwork, problem-solving, time management, gathering research and information are necessary for students to solve highly complex problems. 

The Heritage School being the best school in Dehradun has best teachers who mentor and guide students to have such skills to become a master of their own learning. 

These skills include:

-    Critical thinking, reasoning, planning, and creativity.

-    Communication skills for interpersonal and presentation needs.

-    Envision and decision making.

-    To know which technology is appropriate for a particular task.

The benefits of project-based learning are listed below:

•    The implication of project-based learning brings new relevance to learning. This approach allows bringing real-life context to the curriculum which furthers encourages you to become critical thinkers and learners for lifelong. Teachers try to communicate with students and make efforts to break the barriers such as isolation in classroom and lack of assurance of success.

•    Project-based learning promotes lifelong learning. It enables students and teachers to reach out beyond school building. It helps students to take control of their learning.

•    Project-based learning allows you to systematically assess and evaluate student’s progress. This is achieved by doing the following:

-    It allows students to showcase his/her capabilities by letting them work independently.

-    Students are able to apply their desired skills such as research.

-    Students develop the ability to work with his/her peers, building teamwork and group skills.

-    It allows teachers to know about their students. 

Project-based learning allows students to build knowledge of varying backgrounds and experiences. It assures difference in learning style. Supporting project-based learning will let you find a decline in absenteeism, increase in cooperative learning and improvement in student’s performances. The Heritage School listed among the top 5 schools in Dehradun supports project-based learning as it promotes critical thinking and communication and the benefits of these skills are enhanced.    

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wings of Creativity

Creativity and imagination are high-level skills in the brain. It is through varied opportunities provided to children to help them to develop these skills. Opportunities that provide freedom to explore to experiment to test on new ideas to learn about the variety of objects using senses, through all these experience brains learns and are able to make connections with them. 

Offering varied activities for play and interacting with real-life objects gives the brain the ability to gain knowledge about how things work. These types of experiences add to developing essential brain connection and contribute to the knowledge that is needed for the process of creativity.

Children’s brain is a powerhouse that grows in response to the creative environment. Children tend to learn quickly when they go through unique experiences. We at The Heritage School being the Best ICSE Schools in Dehradun believe that creative experiences are more critical for the healthy development of the brain and well-rounded personalities. 

The early musical training starts to build the same neural networks that later are used for solving numerical calculations. We here expose our students to musical teachings so that they find it easy to accomplish language, learning, and development.

Dramatic play can stimulate the same synapses as spoken language and is a great medium which ensures proper articulation in children. Painting stimulates the visuals processing system which helps students to recall the memory and build imagination activities just like clay modelling and drawing is linked to the growth of fine and gross motor skills. 

Creative abilities make us who we are spiritual, emotionally, and mentally and this hold key to our personalities. We not only encourage parents to motivate their children to take part in different activities but also do our part by organizing different activities in our schools.

We make our students take part in numerous activities like music, drawing, painting, and elocution. Our aim is to make students shine and attain the all-encompassing development of students. The Heritage School counted among Top 10 Schools in Dehradun provide the right combination of theoretical and practical learning to nurture both academic as well as creative skills of students.

Catering to Individual Needs of Students

Each child is different. It not only implies the color of their eyes or their hair texture but also on how they perform in the class. ...