Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Sports Participation And Academic Success

Sports and other athletic activities have for long been a fundamental part of the curriculum of excellent schools. Sadly many of us are still caught up in the false notion that sports and extracurricular activities draw children away from their studies and therefore children should be discouraged from taking up sports. However time and again various research studies have established that children’s participation in sports can boost their performance in academics. Participation in sports activities is not only good for children’s physical health but for their grades too. 

Here’s how The Heritage School best ICSE school in Dehradun uses sports to help students in scoring better on their tests:

Boosts Brain Function

Sportive activities have proven to be good for brain health. During physical activity the number of neurotransmitters, neurotrophins and oxygen flow to the brain experience a surge which enhances memory, concentration and critical thinking. Since children learn better their academic scores improve. At the Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016, researchers agreed that physical activity works wonders for brain function and academic performance.

Nourishes Psychological Health And Provides Motivation

Children who participate in sports tend to be happier and more motivatedbecause physical activity releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that are linked with increases levels of happiness. Being physically active also helps in relieving stress, tension and pent-up emotions which is good for psychological and emotional health of the children. Happier children find it easier to focus on their studies.

Children Learn To Manage Their Emotions

Participation in competitive sports teaches children how to face challenges and cope with victories and defeats with a balanced head and disciplined lifestyle. Success and failure are part and parcel of sports and children learn valuable life lessons from it. As a result they are more in control of their emotions and become emotionally more mature which helps them in dealing academic pressure.

Social Skills Become Better

A lot many sports require team participation and collective effort. By working with their team mates and experiencing wins and losses together kids realize the value of hard work, leadership, steam effort, cooperation, patience, persistence and also learn to communicate effectively. These social skills serve students well later on in personal and professional life.

Academic Scholarships For Better Future

Children who perform exceedinglywell in sports may be eligible for athletic/academic scholarships. This provides these students great motivation to perform splendidly on the field. There are some exceptional students that are able to make the most of this beautiful opportunity by keeping their academic scores stable alongside their sports commitment.Such scholarships ensure that theyhave a fair chance to gather good education which could potentially benefit them if and when their sports career comes to an end.

Sports and other kinds of athletic activities are not just fun and exciting they also aid in strengthening their academic performance by developing and inculcating in them essential skills and sharpening their cognitive abilities. So now you know why you shouldn’t shy away from sending your children to sports sessions and why top 5 school in Dehradun encourages the same.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Understanding Climate Change as a Student

Climate change asks us to consider a world beyond ourselves. More than that, it asks us to consider time beyond the present. We at Heritage School one of the best ICSE School in Dehradun ensure our students are aware of the same.

Human activities are affecting the climate drastically, causing damage that would take years to repair. Climate change education brings a clear picture and social responsibility of this scenario to the students through qualified textbooks and curricular material available for teaching. 

From students in early grade those can take small steps and develop environment-friendly habits studying and understanding what climate change is? to the students in a higher grade that can study greenhouse effects, natural and human factors for climate change and how to find realistic solutions to deal with it.

Climate change is a complex topic. Students are still not aware of the basic concepts and the reason behind it. Higher education needs to increase it’s efforts so that students can actively engage themselves in solution towards climate change. These young minds can play an appreciating role in changing environmental conditions. 

Through deep-thinking and self-awareness, students will walk out, talk about it and draw out their own solutions for our environment. Today’s scientific researchers demand students to draw conclusions to the challenges of climate change but they can’t do all this if they don’t have proper tools, interest, and motivation towards this field. Here again, then comes the role of education at the student level. Students must be taught how to use the information they are provided with and balance the opposing points. For this, individual and group projects are given to enhance the engagement of student activities. 

Since the impacts of climate change will be maximum on the coming generation, knowledge, and education related to this field is essential now. The reports point out that imparting knowledge about this to students will be more impactful, and they will drive future solutions for future challenges of climate change.So we top 10 schools in Dehradun give all the information that we can.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Home Economics And Its Need In The Current Era

Home economics, alternatively known as home science or domestic science is a field of education that deals with relationship between individuals, families, communities and environment they live in. It includes learning skills like sewing, cooking and home finances. Home economics teaches an individual to handle home effectively and efficiently. The current age independent youth is not only passionate about their jobs but also want to be effective homemakers. A top school in Dehradun, we at The Heritage School believe it becomes imperative for them to study home economics. 

The points listed below highlights the importance of learning home economics:

- Healthy Lifestyle

According to a survey conducted by “Today’s dietitian” 35% of teenagers have a weight problem with some even being obese. Parent’s not cooking food at home and ordering junk food from outside is the prime cause for it. With such disruptive food habits, children don’t learn the importance of healthy foods and how to prepare them. Home economics teaches individuals not only to prepare food but also about nutritional value proper portion size. 

- Sustainable Environment

According to a report by Education for Sustainable Development, the United Nations has declared the years between 2005 and 2014 a time of advancing knowledge about sustainability, as well as taking action to that end. Home economics plays a very pivotal role in this effect. Home science teaches them the skill to reuse items creatively.

- Responsible Citizens

Home economics shapes individuals into responsible citizens of the nation. Individuals learn about consumer rights. They not only become responsible citizens but also responsible family members. They can identify family problems and provide effective solutions to those problems.

- Wide Career Opportunities

Home economics provide wide career opportunities to individuals. Home economics offers a wide range of areas to study. After studying such variety of modules one can be either self-employed or wage employed in any of those areas at a much younger age.

Frequently listed among top 10 schools in Dehradun, at The Heritage School we believe home economics not only benefits you as an individual but also the community as a whole. One can learn how to balance his/her work life and personal life. The part- time job opportunities ensures that individuals can earn money while taking care of their home.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Importance of Educational Trips

Going on an educational trip sounds extremely exciting and fun! But it means more than just simply leaving behind the school grounds. These trips should have a major educational element attached to them. 

Here’s what we at The Heritage School the best ICSE school in Uttarakhand have a take on the same:

- New Sights

When the students and teachers step outside the classroom, there is an opportunity for new educational environments and experiences. It's an opportunity for Students to observe many things that are not available in the school, it can be as simple as stars to having experienced a whole species of exotic wildlife. Planning and Discussing the Educational trip beforehand is advised as it allows students to know what they will experience during their time away from school.

- Bonding

Being away from the everyday classroom atmosphere gives students an opportunity to spend time and know each other in a new environment. Without the formal school structure, they may be able to connect on more of a personal level.

- Informal Learning Environment

There are immense educational opportunities that Educational trips provide being away from the classroom without the formal use of textbooks and other tools. Students, on trips often learn while having fun alongside. 

- Fun

 No denying how much students get to learn during an Educational trip, their favorite memories will always be based on their enjoyment of the day. Getting away from school even for half a day is always exciting for students, and Educational trips are always a cherry on the cake. Students will have fun with their friends and they return to the classroom with a fresher focus on their schoolwork.

Learning and fun must go hand-in-hand and therefore, we at The Heritage School ICSE school in Dehradun have designed our trips and excursions in a way to provide utmost learning and fun experiences for your children.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Social Studies — Impact on the Thought of Students

Students often get irritated with the long texts in their social science textbooks and do feel the subject is a burden to them.  But at The Heritage School, best 5 school in Dehradun tell why is it important for students to study social science and how it impacts the thought process of students:

Awareness About The World 

Social science teaches students about the various movements, civilizations, and renaissances that occurred over the years. This knowledge enables the students to understand various things from how the world and different societies evolved to important events that have occurred in the past. From this knowledge, the students understand how different societies are structured, managed and governed which in turn helps them understand their position in the world.

Awareness About The Environment 

Students learn about their surroundings with lessons such as – Our Earth, Solar System, Major Landforms, Water Resources, Natural Vegetation, and Wildlife Resources. Students eventually develop a holistic understanding of the environment, its impact and the importance of its preservation. 

Helps Develop Critical Thinking Abilities

Social Studies inculcate thinking abilities and skills in students when they understand, analyse and evaluate the existing connections between those ideas and theories taught to them in the classroom and put them into practical use. 

Enhances the Social Understanding of Students

Students learn about different religions and cultures which exist in the world and build an understanding of their own culture as well. Students understand the society they live in and its diversity. This helps students to identify the advantages and challenges of living in a world with multiple cultures and ideologies. 

Helps Students Become Better Citizens

An understanding of subjects in social studies like economics, political science, and history educate students on their roles, responsibilities, and rights as a citizen. The study of social sciences prepares students to grow up as active, responsible, and reflective members of society by providing relevant information and knowledge, skills and attitudes of the society. 

Thus, we at The Heritage School, top 10 Schools in Dehradun can conclude that incorporating social studies in the school curriculum ensures well-rounded education of the students.

Monday, 6 May 2019

E-Learning: What Is It and How Does It Work?

After the late 2000s, technology has changed the demographics of a classroom erasing the geographical barrier. Mobile phones, laptops, and the internet give information to school children in the blink of an eye. Education has become cheaper and is available to a wide variety of audiences. It allows you to share e-learning tools such as PDFs, word documents, videos, and slideshows. 

Being one of the best ICSE school in Uttarakhand, we make the use of such learning tools to help our students understand their lessons better. 

E-learning is just like traditional learning, the only exception being that you learn or provide learning in the comfort of your own home. Many educators are now moving towards virtual learning since it is cost-effective and works without any barrier. Even if a student is sitting miles away, he can get easy access to study material through the internet. Also, the people who could not attend college due to various problems can easily attain knowledge via online courses and programs. 

Given below are some of the benefits of e-learning:

• Zero Boundaries

Getting access to information has become all the more easy for students. One click of a button now lands you to various sites from where you can get a bucket full of information.

• No Time Restrictions

Learning isn’t restricted to 8-2 but has become more flexible. You can open google on your mobile phone or laptop at any time of the day and surf the internet for any study material.

• Cost Effective

If we compare traditional forms of learning to e-learning, the former proves to be inexpensive. A student can gain knowledge by repeating various lectures, which isn’t possible in a classroom. 

• Provides a Plethora of Information

The internet gives you access to a number of websites. It means if you aren’t satisfied with one result, you always have an option to switch. 

As a top 5 school in Dehradun, The Heritage School believes that technology has become a vital aspect of our day to day life. It will be beneficial for us if we embrace it and evolve with it.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Inculcating a Positive Mindset

There must be no one who wouldn’t have heard of the saying “is the glass half full or half empty?”, If your glass is always half empty you need to change the way you look at the glass, here is how we at Heritage, the best school in Dehradun have laid some inputs to change your mindset from negative to positive.

-Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People 

Positivity is contagious, and thus surrounding yourself with people with whom you share a similar mindset is very important to build a network of people who spill positivity like confetti. 

-Count Your Blessings

Your mornings must begin with you counting your blessings. You must thank god every morning for giving you a new day. Instead of crying over what you do not have, you should be thankful for all that you already have and are blessed with. You will be making the most out of what you have when you realize the value of your blessings.

-Visualize Success

As the law of attraction says, one must have that belief of success instilled in oneself even before its inception. One must constantly think of how he/she would become successful once they follow their instincts by positive thinking. All it takes is motivation by talking to your inner soul. And a belief that you deserve all the success.


Meditating is one of the best ways to achieve positive thinking. It helps to strengthen the mind and develop positive thinking skills thus enriching the inner soul.

-Do Not Cry Over Spilled Milk 

One must never ponder over unpleasant happenings from the past. If you keep thinking about your past, you will keep stepping back and create a disturbance in our own life. It's only wise to let go of the bygones.

A healthy body is of no use if your mind is not healthy, to promote this idea we at Heritage, among the top 5 school in Dehradun ensure to instill the idea of positivity in our students.

Sports Participation And Academic Success

Sports and other athletic activities have for long been a fundamental part of the curriculum of excellent schools. Sadly many of us ar...