Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Top 9 Easy Exam Tips

The exams are around the clock. It's a time when students get more serious and focused towards studies. Everyone desires to top in the exams, but very few make it. If each and every child is making equal efforts, how is it possible that only a few top the exam? Perhaps they know easy exam tips that are helping them out. On that point, there are easy tips that can make you score good grades.

The Heritage School- best ICSE School in Dehradun believes that there are numerous ways to score well in exams, but all you need is hard work and a will to execute it. We consider that every child is capable of reaching the heights of success, all they need is a right way. Below are the top 6 easy exam tips that are best to crack the exams with better scores –

1.      Find About The Exam – Know which subject exam it is. It is important to know how much you know about the subject and how much time you need to focus on it.

2.     Ask For Help – if you are not able to understand anything ask for help. Don’t be shy to approach your teachers, friends or family. Clear your doubts as much you can for it will help you better in understanding the subjects.

3.      Sort Out Your Subject Material – Before you start to prepare for your exams sort out your notes and handouts. Put all the study material in order to avoid any inconvenience by the time you start studying. It will help you know, you have every single study note with you.

4.    Review Past Exam Papers – It is one of the important tips for exams. After studying your study material review previous exam papers. This will help you understand the structure and format of exam papers.

5.    Don’t Cram – Just cramming the material will not help you out. You will either forget the subject or stress out. Give yourself time to study properly and learn everything. Read over your notes and test yourself.

6.    Keep Yourself Cool – Children get stressed during exams. In this stress, they often make hurry in preparing for exams. But you need to keep yourself cool. Do not panic with exam pressure it leads to a great mess. You may avoid an important topic in a hurry.

7.     Eat Healthy :- It is very much important to eat right and healthy. Avoid junk foods and prefer eating green vegetables.

8.      Adequate Sleep:- It is important for students to have a good sleep as this will refresh their minds and increase their concentration power. Plan your study schedule in a way that does not hamper your sleep.

9.    Exercise or Play Sports:- Indulging in sports or exercising is a great stress buster for exams, it not only refreshes your mind but also makes you feel more energetic.

Since The Heritage School is among top Schools in Dehradun, we, therefore, ensure every child gets equal support from the school. We believe it's our responsibility to help the kids with the best solutions and guidelines. We wish every kid to prepare well for exams and score good grades. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Teachers are Centerpiece Linking Classroom and School Improvement

As a teacher, it is the responsibility to manage student behavior in the classroom. Classroom behavior management is the greatest obligation of a teacher. Sometimes it gets difficult to handle the excitement of the kids that wear out the discipline of the class and the process of the educational activity. Behavior management is very significant to keep up a correction. It encourages students to memorize and concentrate on their curriculum.

At The Heritage School, we ensure that discipline is kept in the schoolroom. Among Top Dehradun Schools, we believe that teachers can very well deal with classroom behavior management. Here are a few tips that our teachers implement in their teaching style to handle the students and maintain discipline in the course of study-

Be Fair and Consistent

Teachers need to be fair to each and every kid. Sustaining consistency with everyone in the class is important. Children trust and value you more when you are honest with everyone. Partiality makes a negative impact on students and leads to bad classroom behavior.

Teaching Skills

Children get more attracted towards newness. If you are teaching the same style every day, at some point kids will become less interested in the category. You require to regularly add something fresh to your teaching style and absorb them. It will flex into a positive classroom behavior.

Use low key Responses

Having student attention is important to ignore misbehave in the class. Teachers demand to use low key responses, for instance, heavy face, natural processes, signals that cease misbehave during the class. It will assist in maintaining classroom decorum.

Formal Contracts

Having formal contracts between students and teachers, impact classroom behavior management a lot. Giving students something productive in return for proper behavior is a serious bargain. Students will listen to you and maintain seriousness towards their scholarship.

Recognized among best ICSE schools in Dehradun, we consider in understanding the students and dealing with fondness. Our school is completely against beating or scolding. We don’t tolerate such practices to manage classroom behavior and  treat every child with love.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

To improve teaching, you need endless feedbacks

At school, nobody knows a student better than his class teacher and classmates. Kids spend their maximum time of a day at school. The behavior of kids changes with time. The change happens during school by the way they are comprehending the things and the way they are becoming prepared. Education affects one's behavior a lot. Sometimes teachers think that they recognize their pupil very well and what they intend. But sometimes it can be wrong. Perhaps if students are doing well they might not be comfortable to speak out their queries and determine to remain smooth. At that level, it’s safer to have student’s classroom feedback.

At The Heritage School, we deem that student feedback is a very important aspect of the education system. The top school in Dehradun believes that it is easy to assume that what students think and how they are. But if you seriously ask students for honest feedback, you actually come to experience how students feel in the course of instruction and what they think. There are kids who feel shy or fear to keep their opinion. By student feedback, you can make them sweep over their shyness and fear as well as increase their self-assurance.

Among the list of icse school in Dehradun, the school considers that student feedback can benefit in many ways. It will increase student engagement as students will more participate openly sharing their views and thoughts, it will prevent bullying in the schoolhouse as a student will become mindful that if anyone attempts to push around any child they will directly approach teachers. Moreover, teachers can know more about each student and improve their dealings with scholars. It will help teachers manage the class properly and maintain discipline.

The Best School in Dehradun aims at recognizing the students deeply and understanding them better. We remember that our responsibility is to resolve the issues of students and help them every way out. We desire to build our students brave, fearless and confident.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Believe you can and you are halfway there

Achieving your goal is the biggest step. Kids have different goals in their life, for instance, some want to be a doctor other want to be a dancer, actor, footballer and so on. Having a goal is very important in life. It leads you a way that teach hard work, efforts, and determination. Nobody can break you the success you have to work for it on your own. One should believe in himself to win in life. Having faith in you help overcome the power of your mind and lead towards success.

At The Heritage School, we consider that having a will to achieve something in life never stop us from succeeding.  If you believe that you can achieve your goal, you will do whatever it takes to attain and your competition will be limited. We believe that by motivating our students, we make them dedicated towards their goal.  You should accomplish right attitude to win something. It is a way to let you conquer the fear and anxiety that stops you from following your dreams.

Counted among the top 10 schools in Dehradun, we think if one believes he can, he is halfway there. All needed is a right guidance and efforts to accomplish your ambition. Teachers act as the biggest support to children. They educate the kids and lead them in the right direction. Once you identify your goal, you need to be passionate about it and make to the top level.

The best school in Dehradun further adds that opportunities never knock your door, you have to go and grab it. Children have to trust themselves and work hard to acquire success. Once you start moving towards your dreams you will realize you can achieve it. Believe in your abilities and you are on your way to success.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

All Work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy

Sports and games encircle many benefits besides physical activity. It helps in overall development of students. Students wait eagerly for annual sports meet including numerous sports events and games. Sports increases self-esteem and mental alertness among students. It helps children maintain physical stamina and teach them obedience, discipline, and willpower. Sports provides the stage where students can direct their energy.

The Heritage School considers that playing sports edify skills like leadership, patience, and teamwork. Being the best ICSE school in Dehradun, we deem that sports should be encouraged by schools. Sports should be important for children as it gives multiple benefits mentioned below:-

·       Good health – Playing sports make kids more active and fit. It keeps our body functioning which makes it less prone to diseases, for instance, diabetes and arthritis. It increases stamina and refreshes our mind.

·     Reduces stress – The high academic competition is making students more focus on studies than other activities. It may make students depressed or anxious. Sports help children lessen their anxiety and create a stress-free environment.

·      Character building – Sports need to be infused in kids from a young age. It builds confidence and sporting spirits among them. Sports enhance one’s character and teach discipline. It results in overall development and takes the dullness out of their life.

·       Educational values – Sports instruct the importance of time as well as a teamwork. It gives a chance to work with different people and edify cooperation. It helps them understand the significance of various managerial traits like teamwork, cooperation, communication and also maintaining a healthy competition.

The top school in Dehradun believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports help in physical as well as the mental growth of a child. We have facilities along with instructors for students so that they can actively participate in different games. We believe that along with scholastic learning, children should also get themselves involved in sports so as to have a healthy physical and mental development. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one

Education is a way that allows you to have an open mind. The more we gain knowledge of the world, the more we start to understand and respect it. The stereotypes start disappearing and social issues become clearer when we are educated on the facts. Education makes us a true human being. We start understanding the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Education inspires us to share our knowledge with everyone. It leads to a change in behaviour and perspective that is needed for development of society.

At The Heritage School, we believe that education is not only important for own sake, but also for the sake of others. The best ICSE school in Dehradun further adds that the purpose of education is to gain knowledge, skills, and values in order to face challenges of life. We consider that the purpose of education is not same for every child, it totally depends on what a child acquires from providing education. Children are like empty box which is filled with knowledge and skills. Education creates an open mind and broad perspective of an individual.

Counted among top 10 schools in Dehradun, it's our belief that knowledge is the way to be able to see things differently and understand it from every aspect. Education empowers us to interact with others. It brings maturity and teaches us the way of living in a society with changing times. Undoubtedly, education leads to economic growth, social and technological development.

Being the best School in Dehradun, we ensure that each student is taught properly. We think that every child can learn, maybe not the same day or in the same way. We try our best to try different ways of teaching to ensure every child is learning and gaining the knowledge in order to replace their empty mind with an open one.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Top Schools Emphasis on the Importance of Literacy To Upgrade Society

Literacy can change the world. It is undoubtedly an amazing gift one can receive. It is a right and a responsibility of every child. Education is a golden ticket to a better life. It helps in the upliftment of an individual physically and mentally. Learned and knowledgeable individuals live more happily and improved lifestyle. It is a way of earning survival to your family. Education is the road that leads to one’s progress and makes children realize their potentials.

At The Heritage School, we believe that literacy is a bridge from misery to hope. Among the best school in Dehradun, we say that it is a way to help improve society.  Below are few reasons how education can improve society:–

1.    Lifts individual out of poverty – Education makes a child gain knowledge and enhances his skills. With education, one can attain a good job in the future and can serve his family. A job can help improve financial status and lift an individual out of poverty.

2.     Leads to the development of the community – It is well said that education can change the world. If the children are well educated, they can help change the mindset of communities. A positive change will gradually lead to the up gradation and development of the community.

3.    Empowers girls and women – Literacy empowers women and girls to become economically prolific and self-sufficient. People will understand that girls can equally contribute towards society and help their families financially. This will make people understand the importance of education.

4.   Positive economic growth – education will lead to a better future for children. This will help in improving the financial status of people, which will lead to economic growth of a society.  This will create more workforce for the nation and will enhance country’s economic growth.

Being among the top school in Dehradun, we consider that literacy is the tool for development of a society that will lead to a developed nation in future. We believe that an educated community is a united community. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Child Without Education is Like a Bird without Wings

A good and proper education leads us towards success. It is a true saying that a child without education is like a bird without wings. An uneducated child cannot get a good job to serve his family just like a bird without wings cannot fly and get survival for his kin. Education builds confidence among kids and helps them face all the challenges in life.  Learning leads to a change in behaviour that helps us become better human beings. Education is necessary to proceed forward in life.

At The Heritage School, our motive is to amuse the mind of kids towards education. We believe that along with parents, it’s the duty of the schoolhouse to tell children about the importance of education in life. For the better learning of our scholars, we coordinate many activities, for instance, essay writing, debates, and discussions. It serves to enhance the skills of kids. Being among the top 10 schools in Dehradun, we think that not giving education to youngsters is merely setting them for failure. We can accomplish anything with education. We conceive that our efforts of educating the kids will lead to the bright future of the nation. In this competitive world, education is the key to beat the competition and attain success. For better future of the kids, teachers use innovative and interesting methods of teaching to make learning a joy. Children pay more attention towards learning when they relish it. It makes them understand it better and also assist them to understand the importance of education.

The best ICSE school in Dehradun adds that learning gives children wings to fly high and succeed in life. We are here to help parents in making a better future of kids by providing better education. It's our belief that developing a passion for learning makes people never cease to grow. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Education the Mind Without Educating the Heart is no Education at all

Our heart is a true center of the body. It absorbs everything and gives a clear vision to reach right conclusions. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. The things accepted by our mind need to be accepted by out heart too. An uneducated heart means that you are leaving out some significant knowledge. Our mind and heart both learns multiple things throughout life.

At The Heritage School, we believe that education of mind and heart are both important for the perfect growth of youngsters. It's our belief that when heart and mind, both are educated it leads them to become compassionate, successful and happy in their liveliness. Educating the mind builds intelligent students, but educating the heart builds good human beings.  We believe that it's important to be a good human being before becoming anything else.

The top school in Dehradun aims at teaching love, sympathy, and compassion for mankind among the children. It is important to teach our students to respect everyone and it is only possible when the creative thinker and the heart are both educated. A good heart always treats everyone equally and we do not want our students to learn words like discrimination. Children spend their utmost time at school and acquire maximum knowledge over there. We consider that along with teaching knowledgeable things to children, it is important to teach the ethics of life. Our teachers assign their best in getting the students realize the moral philosophy in life.

The best school in Dehradun further states that values and ethics are held for life and help us become better human beings. A person with a smart mind and a good heart can change the world. Educating the heart is the biggest education and produces a commendable contribution to our lives.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Education is a Gift that No One Can Take Away

Education is one of the biggest necessities in life. It is the collective knowledge of a person and gives you the ability to overcome anything. Education is an asset which nobody can take from you. It gets you an earning and security. Education gives you multiple choices to proceed onwards in your spirit, for instance, if you operate as a photographer and your fellowship is at a loss you can ascertain a job in any other company or by the time start your own employment. 

At The Heritage School, we consider that education is a means of career success as well as socio -economic development of the nation.  It plays a vital role in facing big challenges and hardships of life with courage and confidence. We think that education can be attained by anyone who has a will to do. Education is not only preparing the children towards the safer financial future, but also developing a positive and better attitude among them. 

The best ICSE schools in Dehradun  add that education is truly a gift that cannot be snatched or robbed. We know that the world is full of competition and to reach the heights of achievements we need to divert the mindset of children towards quality learning. We consider that students getting educated today, will acquire the fruitful results tomorrow. We believe in motivating our students towards education and have a flourishing life ahead. We realize that students with finest skills can conquer anything in their life on the basis of their skills and knowledge. For us, education also serves the  means of enhancing our skills and develop strong personalities.

Counted among the top 10 schools in Dehradun, imparting quality education leads towards a bright and successful future of students. True learning stays with you eternally and you can use that knowledge whenever you require it in your life. It is something of worth that you own.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Change is The End Result of True Learning

Our community is centered on education and children. Education is a central key to acquiring knowledge. It is a way to learn something new, enhance your mindset and shape your views with numerous ideas. From childhood, we learn the things from our parents and develop different opinions. But actual learning starts from school. Undoubtedly everyone agrees that child's best space for gaining knowledge is school. They groom from childhood to an adulthood, thus learning all the basic ethics of life.

At  The Heritage School, we believe that change occurs with learning. We consider that teaching leads to a change in the mindset of  students that make them better citizens of society. Until and unless children know the truth behind the beliefs their perspective and mindset cannot be diverted towards the right things. With grooming and developing children, we desire to build a positive attitude among them and lead them towards the right path. Whatever the kids are taught in the school, results in how they respond towards things. The top school in Dehradun further adds that like a great story always has a moral at the last, true learning always develop a change in child's behaviors and style of recollecting. Change is not merely an ordinary word, it’s a way how we behave, live and treat people and see things.  We attempt to invest our best in teaching the students that lead them to become good personalities. Our foremost priority is to acquire a good human being in each and all. We truly believe that students are our future leaders. We try to acquire and enhance skills among our scholars that will create a positive and beneficial change in coming years for all.

To take in a positive alteration in our children it is important to groom and train them well. Being among the list of  the best schools in Dehradun, we think education is the way to make children understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Learning is a way to reach out to the reality and create a change for one and all.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

A school is a special place of knowledge. It teaches us the quality of life and a bunch of skills and activities for a child’s development. At school, students are taught many activities and things that shape the knowledge of students. Learning plays an important role in everyone’s lives. For children, school is the most important chapter of their life as it helps them develop strong and better personalities in the future. At school, students are introduced to new information every day that enhances their knowledge.

When it comes to learning, homework is an important part of it. Homework is a practice of what students learn in school. In school, students learn many things, but cannot keep everything in mind. Homework is a substitute for learning. Students can revise everything at home that is taught in the class. This will enhance their learning. Moreover, parents keep an eye on their children and how their children are educated.

At The Heritage School, we believe that practice makes a man perfect. Counted among the best schools in Dehradun, we initiate the importance of homework. Homework makes students more enthusiastic towards learning and also gives them better concentration. It makes students learn on their own. It helps them evaluate their progress too. Homework initiates students to learn and practice more on their own, which would further lead to academic enrichment.

Homework will help students pay more attention towards studies.As among the top school in Dehradun, we assume that home tasks are a way to calculate a student’s growth. It makes it easy for a teacher to know how much a student is understanding and retaining the curriculum taught in the school. We believe that homework is integral to overall learning. It is a way to understand the calibre of students and inculcate seriousness and focus towards their academic growth.

Sports Participation And Academic Success

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