Thursday, 4 January 2018

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

A school is a special place of knowledge. It teaches us the quality of life and a bunch of skills and activities for a child’s development. At school, students are taught many activities and things that shape the knowledge of students. Learning plays an important role in everyone’s lives. For children, school is the most important chapter of their life as it helps them develop strong and better personalities in the future. At school, students are introduced to new information every day that enhances their knowledge.

When it comes to learning, homework is an important part of it. Homework is a practice of what students learn in school. In school, students learn many things, but cannot keep everything in mind. Homework is a substitute for learning. Students can revise everything at home that is taught in the class. This will enhance their learning. Moreover, parents keep an eye on their children and how their children are educated.

At The Heritage School, we believe that practice makes a man perfect. Counted among the best schools in Dehradun, we initiate the importance of homework. Homework makes students more enthusiastic towards learning and also gives them better concentration. It makes students learn on their own. It helps them evaluate their progress too. Homework initiates students to learn and practice more on their own, which would further lead to academic enrichment.

Homework will help students pay more attention towards studies.As among the top school in Dehradun, we assume that home tasks are a way to calculate a student’s growth. It makes it easy for a teacher to know how much a student is understanding and retaining the curriculum taught in the school. We believe that homework is integral to overall learning. It is a way to understand the calibre of students and inculcate seriousness and focus towards their academic growth.

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