Monday, 20 August 2018

Make a Right Decision than Following Public Opinion

We keep blowing hot and cold while choosing a career for us. So now what next? Quite a cliché   question we ask to ourselves or shall we say we are asked by others when we are just out from our schools or college with our Degrees stacked in a folder and mind thinking “the race is over and we have won” but the hard reality is the race never started. Amongst many other arduous decisions in our life “Choosing the Right Career is one amongst them and as the best school in Dehradun, we notice that our students mind is constantly thinking  on , should they make plans as driven by their wishes or just try fulfilling the expectations of others.

We are surrounded by droves that are willing to give their expert advices for they believe they are the masters of the Universe in giving the right career choices to us. Off course suggestions and recommendations are always welcomed and some of us do convince our hearts and determine our minds and concur in their thoughts.  This at times might steer us in taking wrong decisions. Very few of us are rebellious and take the bull by the horn.  It is of utmost importance to know that our Goals can be different from the Goals which other have for us.

The mind is still on the fence whether to choose a Corporate Lifestyle or a freelancer or become an Entrepreneur. As amongst the best Dehradun Schools, we say that  no matter what we choose we have to work our fingers to the bone. Lets us look at it in a twofold manner; Careers can be either the secure ones or the insecure ones. The former are those in which a man starts with a fixed salary, progresses with regular Incre¬ments, and ends up with a pension or provident fund deposit at a certain age. The prizes in such careers are few and salaries which can just to keep the wolf from the door, but so are the risks and many people prefer to have a low-paid job which is secure to the dangers and glories of an independent profession. Some people go into these secure jobs, not because they cannot afford to take any risks, but because they are bent upon doing some literary or scientific work, and cannot find the leisure for doing that, with¬out an assured competency. The latter ones come with taking risks, being independent and not following the stereotypes. Such carriers do take some extra years of your life in the beginning but the rewards you get are worth waiting .  Higher Salaries, independent worker, Sole decision maker are few in the kitty  . It is your career ; choose that fits well with your skill and talent and not making a choice by accident or by sheer force of circumstance.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Independence of Speech and Expression

The school plays a very important role, in providing the base for the students to develop and sharpen the various skills they have, and even to discover a few skills, which will eventually help them in their future, when they become the leaders of tomorrow.  At The Heritage School - best dehradun school, we make sure that each and every student is able to express his/her thoughts without any kind of fear, whatsoever.

Just like each coin has two sides, we also aim to make the students aware of the fact that the thoughts/opinions of the students might be different from each other and it is important for them to acknowledge it. Freedom of Speech and Expression is provided under Article 19 (1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, where the essence of free speech is the ability to think and speak freely keeping in mind not to hurt anyone’s feelings and sentiments. The fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression is regarded as one of the most basic foundations of a healthy democracy as it permits its citizens to participate fully and effectively in the social and political process of the country. In fact, the freedom of speech and expression gives greater scope and meaning to the citizenship of a person extending the concept from the level of basic existence to giving the person a political and social life.

Keeping, this fundamental right in mind, we aim to provide the best for our students, in terms of academics and co-curricular. We provide all the students with a platform to express their notions, points, and belief through various competitions such as elocution, debates which are organized from time to time, for junior, middle and senior wing. That is why we have been crowned as the Best School in Dehradun.

Monday, 6 August 2018

How to Make Right Career Choice

Schools play a very important role when it comes to guiding the students towards making a right career choice. They act as a foundation in a student’s life and also assist them to choose a career which is progressive and also the student has a relevant interest to pursue.

At The Heritage School, we mentor our students in terms of guiding them to make a right career choice.

We help our students turn their passions and interests into a career.This is only feasible when we have a personal connect with each of our students. This would enable us to better understand their career goals and options and their earning potential. Since our school is till class XII and post the board examinations, students are skeptical as to which career they should choose.

Choosing a right career is itself very daunting task and it creates a lot of pressure in between their studies.We are among the best ICSE School in Dehradun  and thus realize the core importance of choosing a right career and for the same we tell our students to follow a strategy which is based on focusing on the process of opting for right career rather than just overthinking on the same.

In an environment that of ours, we enable our students to get exposed to different environments which fosters conducive learning. We are not just focusing on the academic knowledge or co-curricular but also take keen interest in developing the overall personality of our students.When it comes to developing and shaping the personalities, we are extra concerned for our senior students as they are the ones who will now start another chapter of their life wherein decisions in relates to career choices will make a very primitive role.

We feel that this is the time when they need proper support and right direction from the school, parents and mentors so that their decision making is easy and also rational.

Crowned among the top 10 ICSE Schools in Dehradun , we feel that it is very important for our students to make a right career choice and pursue something which is in their own interest and not because of peer or family pressure.

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