Monday 26 February 2018

Don’t take Stress, De-Stress!

With exams, taking stress is natural. With the exams coming near, students have to be more focused towards their study. Students should spend quality time while learning and revising each and every topic vigorously. Taking stress and tension simply results in wasting one’s time. 

The Heritage School – the best ICSE School aims at providing an environment to all the students so that they are able to combat the exam stress if they have any and perform well. Here are a few tips mentioned, which one should take into account while studying to avoid stress and give exams smoothly without getting panicked.

Don’t Overlook Sleep 

Sleeping is very much necessary during exams. The body gets too exhausted while studying and it is only during sleep that the body gets replenished to study again. Minimum 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary, and do your best for the rest of 16 hours. 

Eat Healthily 

Make sure you avoid all the junk food and stick to the greens and a healthy diet. Diet during the examination. 

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you keep all the liquids going on throughout the day. Put down coffee for a while and start having fresh juices, smoothies, tea or water while you study. Hydration is very much necessary so that you are able to concentrate fully.

Take Small Breaks

Studying regularly without taking any breaks, will make your learning inadequate and you might not even remember anything in the long run. Make sure you take small, frequent breaks after completing a chapter. During that break, you can either listen to songs or simply play with your pet. 

Organize your Study Routine

Make a timetable, and stick to it. While making that timetable make sure you time everything, including lunch breaks, nap time. Make the routine which is realistic. Most importantly, make sure you stick to it. 

Yoga and Meditation

These activities help you unwind stress to a great extent. It gives you mental relief and helps in making a decision. You can refresh your mind and put some limit to your unusual thoughts which are breaking your concentration while studying. 

Avoid Social Media 

It might sound like a very difficult task, but try sticking away from social media during exams. Social Media tends to take a lot of time, and that time is eventually wasted. You can also limit using social media during the evenings. 

Remain Positive 

Try and stay calm in all the situations you can. Make sure you are surrounded by positive aspects. Keep reminding yourself of things that you are proud of and that way you will be in a good mood and will learn more. 

At The Heritage School – the best school in Dehradun, we provide the best guidance for all our students. Board examination can be one hectic time for all the students. We hope the students learn from these tips and are able to perform fully to their potential.

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