Thursday, 23 November 2017

Books Are the Stepping Stones of Imagination

A  School Library is a temple of reading and a perfect place which provides a pliable space with a wide range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school to have a spirited role in the evolution and growth of a culture that promotes wider reading motivated readers and learners for life. The motive to have a school library is to assist every member of the school community i.e. the students, the faculties and staff acquire new knowledge, skills and temperament for learning and personal development that they will use and value throughout their lives.

The Heritage School is a top ICSE School in Dehradun which has always urged its students to take initiatives beyond the academic curriculum so as to postulate an overall development of their students. For the same, the school has a plethora of facilities to offer to their students so as to impart a wholesome education to them. The school has a spacious library which is well furnished and fully automated with world of an art infrastructure having a varied collection of more than 5000 books out of which some are very latest and many handed over as a valuable treasure. The school library can accommodate more than 200 students and allows them to read about different subjects like Science, History, Religion, Psychology, GK, Quiz and other reference books. A library is a place which offers not just textbooks but also allows students to gather information through reference books so as to help them in making notes which helps every student with relevance to their academics.

The Best School in Dehradun further adds that reading is one such habit which broadens the mind of the students and they get a better command and knowledge of a particular subject. A library is an apt place to practice this habit for it has a peaceful environment which permits the students to read without any disturbances for their mental development. A library opens a world of wisdom for the students as it allows them in building their confidence and gaining knowledge by reading books on various subjects and topics.

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