Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Holistic Development for Your Child

It is that time of the year when parents are busy choosing the right school providing right curriculum for admitting their child. It’s imperative to make a wise decision as you are putting them on a path towards lifelong learning, an esteemed status in the society and a successful career. It is considered as the most crucial step taken by parents to foster better education and provide a superior lifestyle to their children.

The Heritage School is a best ICSE School in Dehradun which has put in more than 64 years of dedicated service in the education industry.It is a multi-faceted educational institution and also a helpmate to implant cultural & human values among the children while making them confident enough socially and academically to be able to achieve high end success and create their own marquee.

The top school in Dehradun further adds that the teaching pedagogy is a blend of scholastic learning with practical application so as to impart a wholesome education to the students. To emulate the same, the school stands committed in providing to society, a socially and morally responsible learning community. Learning that is applicable to real life and is lifelong. We postulate that extra-curricular and academics go hand in hand so as to endeavor an overall personality development of the students. To support the same we always urge our students to take initiatives in extracurricular activities like active participation in elocution activities, proactive approach in sports and creativity in thoughts so as to endow them with a holistic development.

The School alongside imparting quality education also gives due importance to the infrastructure for its believes a good infrastructure with all the latest facilities is a key point in a child’s mental and physical growth.  We have pre-eminent classrooms, laboratories, AV rooms and library for students so that they can progress and evolve every day. The school also has a play-ground for students physical development and is equipped with providing medical aid for a healthy lifestyle. We provide an all-round development to students keeping in mind their spiritual, cultural , academic, social and physical development so as to provide them with good character and inner strength.

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