Thursday, 18 January 2018

All Work and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy

Sports and games encircle many benefits besides physical activity. It helps in overall development of students. Students wait eagerly for annual sports meet including numerous sports events and games. Sports increases self-esteem and mental alertness among students. It helps children maintain physical stamina and teach them obedience, discipline, and willpower. Sports provides the stage where students can direct their energy.

The Heritage School considers that playing sports edify skills like leadership, patience, and teamwork. Being the best ICSE school in Dehradun, we deem that sports should be encouraged by schools. Sports should be important for children as it gives multiple benefits mentioned below:-

·       Good health – Playing sports make kids more active and fit. It keeps our body functioning which makes it less prone to diseases, for instance, diabetes and arthritis. It increases stamina and refreshes our mind.

·     Reduces stress – The high academic competition is making students more focus on studies than other activities. It may make students depressed or anxious. Sports help children lessen their anxiety and create a stress-free environment.

·      Character building – Sports need to be infused in kids from a young age. It builds confidence and sporting spirits among them. Sports enhance one’s character and teach discipline. It results in overall development and takes the dullness out of their life.

·       Educational values – Sports instruct the importance of time as well as a teamwork. It gives a chance to work with different people and edify cooperation. It helps them understand the significance of various managerial traits like teamwork, cooperation, communication and also maintaining a healthy competition.

The top school in Dehradun believes that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Sports help in physical as well as the mental growth of a child. We have facilities along with instructors for students so that they can actively participate in different games. We believe that along with scholastic learning, children should also get themselves involved in sports so as to have a healthy physical and mental development. 

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