Thursday, 8 February 2018

8 Tips for Parents During Examination.

Exam time is almost here and revisions are going on in full swing. Exams do not just mean pressure on students but on their parents as well. For many parents whose children are taking exams, it brings back the memory of when they took the public exams. It might be a state of complete dread of feeling helpless to help their child. But parents don’t need to worry now. 

The Heritage School- the top ICSE School in Dehradun, believes that not only students but parents also need guidance. There are certain tips for parents to follow and brush upon, to help and be fully supportive in assisting their children, who would soon be appearing for exams.

1. Know the exam calendar 
Stick up the exam time table where it will be visible to all, at all times, say the fridge or somewhere near the dining table. You must know the timings and the venue of the exams. 

2. Help your child through exam revision
When your child is revising for the exams, make sure you keep an eye over him/her. Help him/her by providing them with practice papers, and also get them someone with experience to talk to them.

3. Make sure you are aware about the daily requirements of your child
The daily requirements for the exam day should be prepared beforehand, which includes all the stationery, like pens, pencils, ruler, etc. and also other requirements such as water, protein bar, dry fruits. 

4. Tune in to the tale of their day and move on
Ask your child how their day was and ask them how their exam did. Don’t ask too much about the exam. This will do nothing but only increase the stress level of your child. Let them recite their story of the day and then don’t ask anything about it. 

5. Help them to keep up an all-around adjusted schedule
It is very important for your child to have a balance between studies and leisure. Make sure your child is not just into books 24*7 but is also able to take out some time and do mind relaxing activities, which might vary from, watching TV, listening to the radio, playing for some time, etc. 

6. Don’t scare away your child by overhyping the importance of the exam .Discuss the exam, but don’t overpay. The exam time is crucial for you as well as your child. When you tell them about the exams, it won’t be the first time; they already have been hearing about it a lot. Just discuss, don’t scare them.

7. Healthy mind resides in a healthy and active body
Making sure of your child’s health is a big concern during the exam time. Bad health can hamper your child’s performance in the exam. So be sure your child is eating healthy and getting all the nutrients desired.

8. Sleep is very important 
Some children complain of having sleepless nights before the exam. Make sure your child gets enough sleep before and after the exam. But also make sure that he/she doesn’t oversleep. If they complain of not being able to sleep make sure they are calmed down before the exam.

The Heritage School is one of the best schools in Dehradun and we believe that it is important to reassure your child that no matter what results they receive, that there are options. It may not be their first option but there are other ways to get the same qualification so be aware of the options should they not get their first choice. We give them as much encouragement and support during these times.


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