Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Teachers – As Facilitators and Counselors

Students spend more time in school than they do at home. Parents are always worried whether their child is in good hands or not. Teachers play a major role in the development of students. In today’s world, stress is very common which is faced mostly by students, their teachers, and their parents. 

At The Heritage School – one of the best Schools in Dehradun, we aim to provide an environment for the students, which is stress-free because when students are stressed, their capacity for learning is drastically reduced.

We tend to deliver an environment where there is no stress at all. If you notice students in your class are stressed, it is vital that you work in your teaching ways to help them cope and reduce their anxiety.The following tips will give you some tools to create a relaxing learning environment and relationship.

Keep Communication Open

Communication is the single most important thing you can do for your students. Create open channels for them to approach you for support, advice, counsel, etc. In both group and individual settings, you can offer your wisdom and experience in dealing with daily stress in your own life.

Flexible Assignments

Activities such as 3D models, flowcharts, etc, help in critical thinking as well as better learning.  Assign the students to such activities for homework which involves more of practical work than just theory so that they are excited to complete the task.

Teach Time Management

Some kids will be overwhelmed with trying to divide and conquer a big project. Practice setting goals in the classroom so it’s more manageable for them to complete the task.

Offer Five-Minute Meditation

At the beginning and the end of the day, set aside five minutes for students to do a private meditation or imagery. Teach deep breathing exercises and give them time to relax their bodies and minds.

Model How To Cope With Disappointment

Disappointment is inevitable. One of the most crucial moments in a student’s career is when they’ve failed an exam. Failure is the world’s greatest teacher. Use the opportunity to teach what went wrong, how to face disappointment head on, and most importantly, how to not let it disturb your future work.

Stay In Touch With Parents

Keep communication channels open with parents, whose kids are a bit stressed. Try to find out if there are other issues besides classwork that is affecting him/her. Be your student’s advocate whenever possible.

Keep Yourself Relaxed!

Sometimes when the teacher is stressed, the environment of the classroom tends to be same. You need to do what you can to ease your own stress – be it through meditation, organization, or time of silent reading. If you aren’t stressed about tests or final scores, your students will pick up on that vibe too.

Teachers, along with parents play a major role in shaping the student’s future. The Heritage School  – ICSE School in Dehradun,  believes in providing a holistic education, where the parents also have a major involvement in their children’s grooming as much as teachers do. 

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