Monday, 19 March 2018

Tips You Need to Get Ready for School in Time | Schools in Dehradun

Getting up and ready for school in time is always a big challenge for the students.No student likes to miss the school bus,and take immense trouble of an alternate transport, and after all that, reach school late and be punished? But it’s just that ones bed is too comfy and warm to leave!

Wait….it is not even that big a challenge as it seems to be! All that is required is developing a good routine, and follow it strictly. Once you set this routine, it will follow effortlessly.

Since ours is the best school in Dehradun, We postulate 3 tips you need to build that routine, and never be late to school.

Early to Bed

Remember that age old advice being served to us by our elders - “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, the saying is in fact the ultimate trick to never be late for your school - ever. You can’t trust yourself to get up early tomorrow, if you are heading to bed post midnight! Regardless of what you think, your body does need those 8 odd hours of good sleep to function properly. So develop a routine, set your body clock accordingly, and go to bed at least 8 hours before your intended time of awakening.

Preparing a Night Before

Preparing the night before is a very important factor if you don’t want to be late  to school the next day. It’s straight and simple.

Decide what you will take in the tiffin tomorrow.
Get your school uniform ioned - fine and bright, just ready to be put on.
Polish your school shoes.
Assemble your school bag; follow the nest day’s timetable.
Remember if you need anything specific the next day. (Sketchbook, crayons, paint colors & brushes)

Setting the Alarm

Once you are all set for the next morning, simply set an alarm and go to sleep. Make sure to set the alarm at least an hour prior to when you have to leave for school. You would need to set the alarm for the first few days, once your internal clock catches that routine, you will find that your eyes automatically open at that stroke of the clock!

Pro Tip: Keep the alarm clock away from your arm’s reach, so that you don’t hit the alarm off and go back to sleep. Place it such that you have to get out of your cosy bed to put it off. There are way less chances that you will go to bed again once you are out of it.

Being late to school is never a good idea. We feel elated when our hardwork makes us among top schools in Dehradun.  Therefore,the strict timings of school is a way to inculcate in the students the values of punctuality, discipline and time management. You learn these skills, be on time to school, and in the various walks of life, never be ridiculed for not being punctual.

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