Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Value of Art and Craft in Education

Art and Craft play a major role in the overall development of students. It helps the students to, shape their intellectual and rational thinking, and also plays a major role in making them think outside the box. At The Heritage School – Best School in Dehradun, we provide an education which aims to imbibe not just academic qualities, but also focuses on the co-curricular aspect, where art and crafts play a major role.

Art and Craft make children practice their thinking creatively, they will eventually get better at it, with practice, and which will help them in their future aspects. Various characteristics such as improved academic performance, motor skills, spatial ability, problem thinking ability, confidence, reaches a great height, which helps the students to have a better future, in terms of better career options. When students are exposed to various art activities, it helps them to improve their focus also. They are able to concentrate better and give their best in all the tasks they perform. Art accommodates all learning styles which encourages diversity. When students are being taught about art and craft concepts like the pattern, color, form, shape, they also learn concepts common to mathematics, science, music, poetry, and economics which enables them to improve academically. It helps them to unleash their creative side.

The Heritage School – the Best ICSE School in Uttarakhand, provides an education which is an amalgamation of academics, curricular activities including art and craft, so as to help in the holistic development of students. We consider that creativity is something that cannot be forced upon on students, it comes out of interest and we encourage them to look for their interest under the guidance of their teachers, who are like their mentors.

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