Thursday, 19 April 2018

Computer Education at The Heritage | Best School in Dehradun

We live in a world that is being increasingly computerized. From education to industry, from entertainment to medicine and healthcare - everything today is being run through computers. Given all of this, computer education is no longer an option for the students. Students these days have to be made proficient and comfortable in working with computers from a very early age. At The Heritage – Best School in Dehradun, we believe in always being up to the date with the latest trends in technology, and guiding our students along in a rapidly changing world.

The Heritage Public School - one of the best ICSE schools in Dehradun has developed a very well structured computer education curriculum for the students. At The Heritage, computer, as a subject is taught to each grade - from the junior to the senior levels. Students are first made to be familiar with the computers in the early years, making them comfortable with the machines. Various software, hardware, and functionalities are taught to the students are later stages.

Computer classes are an integral part of the weekly timetable of the students. We believe that computers can be best taught not by cramming up concepts and mugging definitions, but by practically working on the device! For that, we have very well-equipped computer labs in the school. All the computer labs are large, spacious and air-conditioned. Enough systems have been installed in the labs for every student to get to work on the machine individually.Labs are held regularly over the week, and students wait eagerly for the Lab-day!

The school has also recruited highly qualified teachers to impart computer education to the students. All our computer teachers are well-trained in the subject and hold professional degrees.

The Heritage Public School, Dehradun has made best efforts to impart high-quality computer education to the students and is therefore considered top amongst the list of ICSE school in Dehradun.We believe this training at the school level will help them go a long way when they build their careers and move out in the professional world.

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