Monday, 9 April 2018

Importance of “Reading Habit” at Heritage – Best School in Dehradun

Education is not limited to what is taught in the classrooms. At Heritage – Best School in Dehradun, we believe that the purpose of education is not to create individuals with well-framed minds, and a limited world-view. The purpose of education is to give birth to leaders, thinkers, and doers who have a broad vision and a caliber to change the world.

What is taught in the classroom, is just a generic set of skills - same lessons being taught to children of varied interests, talents, and capabilities worldwide. Well, there’s no doubt that the classroom teaching is indeed the foundation of everything that follows in an ideal life, it’s important to develop one’s own individualistic learning path, that leads the student from being one in the hearing to be an exemplary individual.

Developing a robust “Reading Habit” is a good way to start in that direction. When a student reads a book, he or she is exposed to an amazing new world of ideas, a world of contrasting thoughts, a world of new and unimaginable things. Basically, a book lets a student peep inside the author’s mind and pick up a couple of good thoughts. Reading not only helps the students develop sharp and creative minds, but it also instills in them unbeatable knowledge of the language, communication, and vocabulary.

Many a times, students and parents raise the question that what should be read? Well, the answer is this - just about anything! As it is said, there are no bad books. All that you have to do is pick up a book, and start reading it. It can be a book on history, on philosophy, politics or the wonders of science. It can about the universe, or about the land of fairies, kings and queens. Once you start reading a book, you will always find something good to take back home from it.

At The Heritage School – Best ICSE School in Dehradun, we always encourage our students to develop a good reading habit. We have a well-stocked library for the students to help them pick up and try books of their choice. We would like appeal to the parents to support us in the endeavor, and help their child develop a robust habit of reading.

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