Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Our Teachers Are Our Strength - Best School in Dehradun

The Heritage School is one of the most sought-after schools in Dehradun. The school has unmatched infrastructural facilities, a very well-structured and balanced curriculum, and the best teaching methodologies. However, along with all of these amazing things, what really makes our school standout is its highly qualified and distinguished faculty. At Heritage – best ICSE School in Uttarakhand, our teachers are our strength, and this strength makes us stand out amongst Dehradun schools.

The teachers at Heritage are simply experts at the subjects that they teach, holding degrees from some of the best institutions in the region. Knowledge is one thing, but what sets our faculty apart is that all of them have been particularly skilled in passing on their knowledge by the means of classroom teaching.

The school regularly conducts faculty development programs and skill workshops to help the teachers upgrade themselves with the latest advances in their respective fields of study. The teachers are also introduced to the new and upcoming techniques and methodologies in teaching. After all, the teachers themselves have to stay up to the date to raise the students to be well-informed and learned citizens of tomorrow. These regular exercises of teachers certainly reflect in their students, and they become just like that!

Our faculty members are not only good at their subjects but also make highly dignified individuals. Each of them is capable to become role models for their students, as students also look up to their teachers for so many things. The attitude of our teachers is full of love, compassion, and dedication towards the students. They have been instructed to pay personal attention to each student individually, and address their individual needs.

At Heritage, we believe that the importance of the teacher is immense in a student’s life, and that’s why we put our best efforts to attract the best faculty from the region to our campus. That’s the reason why we have been consistently ranked amongst the ICSE schools in Dehradun.

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