Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Best Amongst Dehradun Schools | How "The Heritage" Nurtures Creativity

The Heritage is one of the best schools in Dehradun and stands out from any other school in the region. It is because The Heritage has always believed in providing something special for the growth of the kids, something beyond the limits of the regular classroom teaching, and the curriculum. 

At The Heritage, we aim to provide an education that belongs to the future. The future that we face, is going to be radically different from the present times. We can expect a majority of jobs that we have today, to be taken over by machines. The only individuals that will survive, will be the ones with a creative nerve in their minds, individuals who can find out path-breaking solutions to the problems. We are so glad that at The Heritage, we are already preparing our students for the future and hence is listed among the Top 5 Schools in Dehradun

The school works to instill creativity amongst the students through multiple avenues. We have regular art and craft sessions and boot camps for the students to create formidable pieces of art while opening up their minds to new thoughts and ideas. Classes on music, dance and singing are held to allow the students to build their own stuff in the field. Students are exposed to the outside world when they go out on educational tours, excursions and field visits, to open them up to the realities. We have multiple sporting facilities on the campus, that foster in the students the skills of team management, on the spot creative thinking and decision making. 

We also hold regular discussions and debate sessions in the school, where students can put to the forefront, their views on various topics. The aim is to allow the students find creative solutions to the problems around us. 

At The Heritagebest ICSE School in Uttarakhand, our aim has always been to go an extra mile and serve our children what’s in their best interests. When your child goes to The Heritage, you can rather stay assured that he or she will come out to be very creative and intelligent person, with a very bright future.

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