Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Student Support at The Heritage School

School Life is a peculiar space to be in. While there’s a lot of fun, learning and lifelong memories, a certain period of the school life also brings a lot of apprehensions, insecurities, and fear - leaving the young teenagers absolutely confused. At The Heritage, we have had a long experience in the field of education, and we understand the state of mind of our students very well. Therefore, we being amongst the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, make sure to constantly support our students in their pursuit of an enriching educational experience leading to a bearing career.

Here is how The Heritage School, Dehradun supports the students.

The Student - Teacher Bond

The role of the teacher in a students life is not limited to the regular exchange of knowledge in the classroom hours. Students are equivalent to parents at the school, and the relationship between the students and the teachers should be such that the students can share their thoughts and apprehensions with the teachers freely, and the teachers are able to listen to the students and help them out. At The Heritage, we are glad that we have been able to foster such a culture in our school.

Counseling Sessions

The school also organizes counseling sessions and career workshops for the students to help them resolve their doubts, and discuss their apprehensions. Some of the best academicians and experts from the industry are invited on campus to interact with the students.

Parent - Teacher Interactions

The best school in Dehradun also makes sure that the parents are always kept in the loop, as far as the progress of their child at school is concerned. Regular interactions between the teachers and the parents are organized by the school, where they can mutually discuss and come up with solutions to the problems being faced by the students.

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