Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Summer Vacations are Approaching. Are You Ready, Students?

Students, regardless of the age group or class, always like holidays, and especially the summer break. While the purpose of the summer break is to protect the kids from the extreme temperatures during the peak summers, the break also offers a great opportunity for the students to try out new things, learn some skills, and develop a hobby. It let the kids have a good time outside the monotonous school routine.

As one of the best school in Dehradun, we say that all of that is only when you put efforts to make your summers good! Here a few things we suggest, that you can do during summer vacations this year, to make them the best vacations ever!

Develop an Interesting Daily Routine

The best way to benefit from the summer vacations is by developing a daily routine that you otherwise would not. Wake up early, and go for a morning walk. Spend some time in the nature while you exercise, run or do yoga. The early morning timing of school doesn't always allow that. Restrict the time that you spend watching TV or on the mobile phone, and try developing a hobby which would benefit you.

Learn a New Thing or Two

Use your time during the vacations to learn some new and interesting things. Try out the activities you always wanted to do, but could not get time for them earlier. You can join a hobby class, or learn an art. It can be art and craft, dance, music, english speaking or whatever. Surely, it will be a really fulfilling experience.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Homework

The Holiday Homework that you get during the breaks is of strategic importance. Hallmark, being the top school in Panchkula, makes sure that the holiday homework is designed to unleash the creativity of the students, makes them learn new things and at the same time is fun to do! So students, complete it sincerely.

Go on a Trip with Family

Well, an outing has to be the essential part of a summer break. Plan a trip to a refreshing place with your family, extended family and cousins. You hardly get the time when almost everyone in the family is free. Summer Break is just that time!

The Heritage School ranks amongst the top 10 schools in Dehradun, and we really want our students to make the best out of their summer vacations.

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