Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Students, How is the Vacation Going? Here’s Your Checklist

We are halfway through the summer vacation, and we are sure that the students must be having a lot of quality time. We at  The Heritage, being widely regarded amongst Dehradun schools, have always tried to ensure that students spend their vacations on the best ways possible, have a lot of fun, and at the same time, come back when the school reopens as more learned individuals. Here’s a checklist of things that you must have been doing during the break, are you?

Morning Regime

Vacations often translate into late waking hours for the students, but unfortunately, it is the last thing that students should be doing during this time. We hope that our students must be following a routine of waking up early and using the morning hours in the most constructive manner possible.

Holidays’ Homework

As the vacations near the end, we don’t want our students to dread for the homework that has piled up. Students must be regular at doing the holidays’ homework assigned, and completing it in time without any difficulty!

Outdoor Activities

Increasing the outdoor activity is a major component of summer vacations. This is the time that must be used to try out multiple sports, become physically fit, raise stamina and learn skills like discipline, leadership, and teamwork on the way.

Learning New Skills

Summer vacation is also the time to pick up a few new skills and give a toss to your creativity. One should use the vacation in the best way by learning creative skills and arts like painting, singing, and dancing etc.


Reading is an amazing habit to own, and summer vacation is the period when you have a plenty of time to ingrain this habit inside you. Keeping a target of reading a number of books through the vacation, or a specific number of pages each day is how you go about it!

Being students of the best school in Dehradun, we hope that all our students would have made the best out of their vacations until now, and will rock the remaining days as well!

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