Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Be Safe This Monsoon

“Rain, rain you have been such a respite from the heat pangs of summer”. This is your thought when you feel the breeze, hear the voice of raindrops, and smell the wet earth. But being a parent, no matter how beautiful the weather seems, you should be aware of the diseases rainy season bring with it.

So here are some tips and tricks from The Heritage School, top school in Dehradun, to protect your child this monsoon from some common diseases, because precaution is always better than cure.

Cold and Flu

Monsoon comes with a very common disease i.e. Cold and flu, which may be because of fluctuation in temperature. You can protect your child and build up his body resistance by providing him with Vitamin C and E, which reduce the chance of falling ill and help create antibodies to fight against cold and flu. You can also give him turmeric milk on a daily basis, which will prevent the body from catching a cold or flu.


If your child is suffering from high fever and cold it can lead to viral. This is an airborne disease and can be spread through contact as well. You can prevent viral by making sure that your child carries a hand sanitizer when in school. Nature is the medicine to every illness. Neem and Tulsi leaves are antiviral agents which help to protect your child from viral. You can add their leaves in the bathwater of your child or can put some the drops of Neem oil in their food.

Stomach Infection

The transfer of bacteria and germs in your child’s body can lead to a stomach infection, this can be the result of eating street food, not eating healthy and fresh food, and not washing hands before eating. You can only prevent this by giving them healthy and fresh food, and make sure that they are wash hands before and after eating food.

We at The Heritage School, which is among the Best School in Dehradun, care for every student’s health so that their illness never becomes a hurdle in their learning.

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