Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Help Your Child Think Critically

Critical thinking skills are one of the most important skill set a child should grasp at an early age. Learning to think critically and then taking important life decision based on these skills will help your child in long run.

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and evaluate a situation and taking decisions considering observation, experience, reasoning, and veracity of the situation.  At The Heritage School, Top 10 schools in Dehradun, we understand the importance of critical thinking; here are some steps to develop it in your child.

Create an environment of trust - Welcome their decision with trust. Tell them to indulge in family decisions and allow them to give their point of view and opinions. If they are wrong, tell them to think of an alternative solution, respect their decisions and never underestimate them.

Create a situation where they can think critically- Expose them to the outer world with unexpected and new experiences. Observe them during tough situations and let them learn cause and effect relationship. Their reaction will tell you what more development they need.

Don’t interfere for some time - Give them time to think. Let them see all alternative solution of a problem and find a solution for themselves. If you think that they are unable to do so, help them! Give them ideas and different alternatives and push them to take their own decisions.

Ask them questions – Ask them questions or give them situations regularly. Their every answer will help them to think even more critically and will widen their thinking.

Add creativity to their thinking- Let them think in new and different ways, make them creative, add ideas to their brain, and ask them for new ideas. This will allow them to think with taking all things under consideration and they will be able to get the best solutions for their problems.

Develop their reasoning power – Ask them why they are doing a certain thing and why they think that their decision is right. Teach them to think before doing.

Being Best School in Dehradun, we always try to develop the skill of thinking critically in our students which help them to take decisions independently. 

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