Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Operation Vijay-Gruelling Battle Of Kargil

The youth is the future, so it is important to grow in them the feeling of love and respect for their nation, which will happen only when they will be aware of the sacrifices made by the soldiers of India. We at The Heritage School, Best ICSE Schools in Dehradun, always talk with our students about the wars the Indian Army fought and the sacrifices they made. This gives them the feeling of patriotism.

It has been 19 years since Kargil War, but still, soldiers like captain Vikram Batra, Captain Sourabh Kalia, Captain Manoj Pandey, and all others soldiers who fought long and hard became the irreplaceable names in the history of contemporary India.

The Kargil War was a result of conflict between India and Pakistan that took place in the Kargil district, Kashmir, along the Line of Control (LOC) in May and July 1999. It was also known as “Operation Vijay” for the Indian Army. The conflict is believed to be managed by the Army Chief of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf without the permission of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It began with the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers into the Indian Territory, at the side of the LOC. The infiltrators, even before the war positioned themselves in key locations to get a strategic advantage before the start of the war.

The Pakistan army captured Tololing that started the ‘turn in tide’ followed by the capture of ‘Tiger Hill’, which was an ‘end in sight’ for us.  Taking the advantage of the terrain, climatic conditions they attacked, assuming that their strategy will act as a weakness for the Indian military.

The Indian Army was able to ascertain the point of incursion and therefore launched “Operation Vijay” which was declared successful on July 26, 1999, and is celebrated as Vijay Diwas. The Victory came with the martyr of 527 soldiers. 

We are among the Best School in Dehradun and always try to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in our students by making them aware of the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers. On every National holiday, we organize an event for our students and teachers which enlightens the patriotic feeling in them by the way of singing patriotic songs, presenting a play, reciting a poem, or giving a speech.

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