Monday, 6 August 2018

How to Make Right Career Choice

Schools play a very important role when it comes to guiding the students towards making a right career choice. They act as a foundation in a student’s life and also assist them to choose a career which is progressive and also the student has a relevant interest to pursue.

At The Heritage School, we mentor our students in terms of guiding them to make a right career choice.

We help our students turn their passions and interests into a career.This is only feasible when we have a personal connect with each of our students. This would enable us to better understand their career goals and options and their earning potential. Since our school is till class XII and post the board examinations, students are skeptical as to which career they should choose.

Choosing a right career is itself very daunting task and it creates a lot of pressure in between their studies.We are among the best ICSE School in Dehradun  and thus realize the core importance of choosing a right career and for the same we tell our students to follow a strategy which is based on focusing on the process of opting for right career rather than just overthinking on the same.

In an environment that of ours, we enable our students to get exposed to different environments which fosters conducive learning. We are not just focusing on the academic knowledge or co-curricular but also take keen interest in developing the overall personality of our students.When it comes to developing and shaping the personalities, we are extra concerned for our senior students as they are the ones who will now start another chapter of their life wherein decisions in relates to career choices will make a very primitive role.

We feel that this is the time when they need proper support and right direction from the school, parents and mentors so that their decision making is easy and also rational.

Crowned among the top 10 ICSE Schools in Dehradun , we feel that it is very important for our students to make a right career choice and pursue something which is in their own interest and not because of peer or family pressure.

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