Monday, 17 September 2018

Mastering Communication Skills in Children

In order to become a well-rounded communicator, kids need to be proficient in each of the three language skills –reading, writing and speaking. These skills give the opportunity to create contexts for the exchange of real information, knowledge and, most importantly, confidence. 

Let us see how we work on these skills at the Best School in Dehradun:


Reading is the most vital and foremost asset of learning a language. It is a learning skill that helps to develop language intuition in the corrected form.

Here are some reading resources, to get you started:

A Pocket Dictionary

A dictionary is a language learner’s best friend. When learners delve deeper into reading, they’ll frequently come across new words. By handing them a pocket dictionary, it will become accessible for kids to foster learning.


With newspapers, children will not only improve their knowledge of a language, but will also expand their general awareness and attitudes of the countries where the language is spoken.


Writing provides children with physical evidence of their achievements that they can measure for improvement. It helps to strengthen their grasp of vocabulary, structure and complements other language skills. 

In order to write flawlessly, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Move to an article

Furthermore, push your kid to write an article on their last visit or any fun activity that they did. Starting an article will have a double effect of consistent practice in writing and a community of readers to support your kid along the way.


We communicate with others, to express our ideas, and to know others’ ideas as well. To strengthen this skill, your child will need a conversation partner to practice speaking with. Here’s how to do that.

Group activities

The manifestations of the language in games and pair work activities are encouraging the source to learn and to speak the language. This assists the kids to begin to manipulate the language by presenting them with a certain amount of choice.

Take your child to Meetups

Community parties are the best place to interact with the masses. This is an excellent way to heighten the speaking language immensely or to make a new friend!

With these three skills addressed equally while learning the language, children can be assured of mastering good communication skills in today’s competitive world. Crowned amongst the best icse schools in Dehradun, we At The Heritage School, want all our students to possess great  skills of communication.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Giving Wings to Children to Become Leaders Tomorrow

Making sure your children score good grades in school has become a challenge nowadays. Schools have come up with so many extra co-curricular activities including sports. The schools want to make sure that the children explore all possibilities and become aware of their talents which will in order to help them fair well in their future. At one of the Best Schools in Dehradun, we want the children to explore all dimensions while they enjoy school.

The pressure on children to achieve high levels of academic success is not going to change anything, later in life. This will only lead to cramming chapters and not understanding the basics. No doubt school is getting tougher with academics and exams, but it is only here, that the school comes in various strategies to ease this. The parents need to teach their children how exceeding in class through excellent grades is not how you exceed in life, it is through how much knowledge you have and how you apply it in life. Kids will progress well when they are working at their own pace. We’re always expecting from our kids! Have you imagined if you didn’t? How they would become more responsible or confident? By supporting your kids will make them guilty conscience on their own. We do not have to burden them with so many questions and expectations in life.

We need a revolution in education, and it starts at home, by supporting your kids and making them realise what is right and wrong! How we as parents and teachers can guide students is showing them a direction where they are happy and can feel joy while working on something they can relate to. This way they will enjoy what they do. This is what we, at one of the Best ICSE Schools in Dehradun, aim to achieve and hence deliver the best for the society.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Stay Positive for a Smart Future

The classroom teaching methodology should have an environment which breeds positivity. It is the responsibility of teachers to ensure that the students are taught in an environment which is conducive and also fosters better learning.

But, negative thinking is such which acts like a giant wall and refrains the students from accomplishing their goals, focusing on their academics and not bringing out the true potential of a student. We as amongst the best ICSE schools in Dehradun, feel that it is imperative to create an environment promotes positive learning culture and most important by inculcating a positive attitude amongst students.

We feel that that to bring in about a positive change in the students, parents also play a very crucial role. It is important for a parent to motivate their children so that they can believe in themselves.

We bring you tips which are important for a parent so their children can be more optimistic.

Promote an Optimistic Behavior

Demonstrate a positive, empowering demeanour in all that you say, do, and accept. Positive reasoning tends to breed positive outcomes, and if your kid sees positive outcomes from you, he or she will probably need to encounter a similar positive outcome. Show how good faith makes a perfect situation for joy and how inspiration impacts the achievements.

Help your Child imagine a Positive Result

It's critical to frequently design objectives with your children, and while doing as such, unmistakably set the phase for what achievement resembles. In what manner will it feel to achieve the objective? What will the reward be? What is being fruitful? These inquiries can get your kids amped up for moving in the direction of the objective and will help him or her to remember the positive results to anticipate.

Dispose of Negativity

When you hear your child say "I can't do it," make a stride back. Jump further into the significance behind it. Make inquiries. "For what reason wouldn't you be able to do it?"; "What's keeping you down?"; "How might I enable?"; "What to do you should have the capacity to do it?" From there, spread out an arrangement to expel those obstructions. Demonstrate that you are in this together, and together you can concoct an arrangement to turn "I can't" into "We can."

We are often crowned as the best school in Dehradun and we tell parents or guardians that your impact has a major effect in your children’s levels of self-assurance. Your faith in your child can encourage him or her take in this feeling of certainty and self-acknowledgment.

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