Thursday, 25 January 2018

To improve teaching, you need endless feedbacks

At school, nobody knows a student better than his class teacher and classmates. Kids spend their maximum time of a day at school. The behavior of kids changes with time. The change happens during school by the way they are comprehending the things and the way they are becoming prepared. Education affects one's behavior a lot. Sometimes teachers think that they recognize their pupil very well and what they intend. But sometimes it can be wrong. Perhaps if students are doing well they might not be comfortable to speak out their queries and determine to remain smooth. At that level, it’s safer to have student’s classroom feedback.

At The Heritage School, we deem that student feedback is a very important aspect of the education system. The top school in Dehradun believes that it is easy to assume that what students think and how they are. But if you seriously ask students for honest feedback, you actually come to experience how students feel in the course of instruction and what they think. There are kids who feel shy or fear to keep their opinion. By student feedback, you can make them sweep over their shyness and fear as well as increase their self-assurance.

Among the list of icse school in Dehradun, the school considers that student feedback can benefit in many ways. It will increase student engagement as students will more participate openly sharing their views and thoughts, it will prevent bullying in the schoolhouse as a student will become mindful that if anyone attempts to push around any child they will directly approach teachers. Moreover, teachers can know more about each student and improve their dealings with scholars. It will help teachers manage the class properly and maintain discipline.

The Best School in Dehradun aims at recognizing the students deeply and understanding them better. We remember that our responsibility is to resolve the issues of students and help them every way out. We desire to build our students brave, fearless and confident.

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