Thursday, 26 April 2018

Letting the Fear of Public Speaking Go

Public Speaking is one of the biggest fear that student encounter on a daily basis. Students often lose confidence while facing the audience due to numerous reasons. At The Heritage School - best ICSE School in Dehradun, the teachers make sure that students overcome this fear by conducting various activities. Public speaking is one of the activities that is developed and then advanced in the later years to come. The teachers here try their best to make all the students comfortable while speaking in public.

Public speaking is extremely important if one wants to be a leader. People follow leaders who inspire them and leaders who communicate their ideas effectively. If you can’t communicate with your tribe you can’t be a leader.

Below mentioned are a few tips for all the students to overcome the fear of speaking in public.

Admit Nervousness

All you have to do is admit that you are a bit nervous speaking to your audience. When you do this, the audience will be more forgiving if your nervousness shows up later on. More importantly, you will feel more relaxed now that they are not expecting a world-class presentation.

Redefine your Audience

Redefine your audience generally means changing how you see your audience. Instead of seeing them as teachers who are evaluating you, maybe you can convince yourself that they are all fellow students who are in the queue to present after you. They are all equally nervous so there is no reason why you should be too.

Invest in Visual Aids

Imagine a presentation with beautiful PowerPoint slides and even more impressive notes were given to each of your audience members. Half of the time, their eyes will not be on you. They will read through the notes and your fancy slides. This will help a lot as you can then speak to the people who are not looking at you.

Speak to one Person at a Time

One of the terrifying things about public speaking is the crowd. Just by looking at the crowd, all in silence just to hear you speak will send shivers down your spine. To overcome this, you just need to speak to one person at a time.

Be Impressive with Personal Opinion

When you speak or give a presentation, try to squeeze in a few of your personal thoughts on the matter. Of course, these should be prepared early on. However, you should make it as if the ideas are “just in” while you are presenting. That will differentiate your presentation from the rest, and when you see the interested look on the faces of your audience, it will elevate your presentation to another new level, a level where you start having fun.

The Heritage School - one of the top Schools in Dehradun aims at providing best of the best assistance to all the students and also provides each student with the attention so as they turn out to be great future leaders. Remember that there are no failures, only different results

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