Monday, 22 October 2018

A Critical Mind is the Mind of a True Thinker

“If there was one life skill everyone on the planet needed, it was the ability to think with critical objectivity.” 

A true thinker is someone who sees though things and thoughts with enough clarity and logical reasoning. Critical thinking means analysing rationally, being sceptical and witty enough to stay unbiased while evaluating. It is the ability to solve problems or come to a conclusion with a rational approach.

There are numerous ways to teach or develop critical thinking skills. The first and foremost thing is to provide more opportunities for playful activities. Deal the kids with more patience and give the time respond and avoid intervening when they express their thoughts. There are other ways to encourage critical thinking, i.e. asking open ended questions or help children to develop hypothesis. The best ICSE Schools in Dehradun aim at creating the perfect environment for the kids to grow and learn.

There is a process through which one can think critically, the first step of this process is to identify the problem and analyse the factors that may affect it. Another way to refine this skill is to create curiosity, debates can help the kids to interpret the knowledge and argue accordingly. The reasoning skills gets so polished with time that the kids understand how to approach a problem, and figure out a viable solution.

Once they acquire information, they begin to structure every possible argument there is and the decision or the conclusion makes more sense.

Judgement requires ability and once the students are disciplined enough to conceptualise and reflect, they are committed to their beliefs and maximise their rationality. All the best schools in Dehradun work towards a common goal i.e. to expand the vastness of the mind.

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”

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