Wednesday, 17 October 2018

An Organised Side to Your Life

Teaching your child to be organized is the toughest job for a parent. Most kids are so chaotic that organizing their stuff is as hard as making them understand why it’s so important to keep things properly.

They leave a trail of things wherever they go because everything is just everywhere and nagging becomes an undeniable affair.

However, a few kids are so naturally organized that the parents feel absolutely blessed. They pick up a few traits from their parents and mimic them by doing exactly what they do. Slowly, gradually it becomes a habit.

“Being organized is being in control” and as much as we wish to control our kids, they are simply uncontrollable. When a child is at home, he or she learns more through observation, while at school, he or she follows a strict routine and a proper decorum, that makes a lot of habits a bit permanent. At one ofthe top Dehradun schools, we follow a strict code of conduct and make sure that the students obey every rule with utmost sincerity.

From making a daily plan and scheduling the day to keep the stationary intact, all these things are a must.

A child can only learn to gather his toys or books if only, he or she is taught by his parents or teachers in a playful manner or as a mere task or activity, where the kid feels excited and motivated to do that particular thing.

The Heritage School has proven to be one of the best schools in Dehradun simply because they teach and focus on the most basic and important lessons.

“Silence is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life” An everyday routine can make a lifestyle a bit more permanent, and by the time we grow up, we get used to the cleanliness and a proper schedule.

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